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JIS B 2238-1996 general rules for steel pipe flanges

Standard Number:  JIS B 2238-1996
Title:  general rules for steel pipe flanges
Language:  Japanese
Replaced by Standard:  JIS B 2220:2004

Replacing Standard:  JIS B 2201:1984

Publication Date:  1996/1/1
Adopted International Standard:  ISO 7005-1-1992 Metallic flanges; part 1: steel flanges Equivalent
Status:  Withdrawn
CCS Classification for Standardsmechanical>>Gm parts>>Pipeline fittings
Publisher:  Japanese Standards Association (JSA JIS)
Number of Pages:127  

Description:Defines the types, relation between the conditions of fluid and the maximum working pressure, basic dimensions and materials of steel pipe flanges connecting with pipes and valves etc. for use with general vapor, air, gas, water, and oil pipes and the like.  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  445KB
Tile in English:  general rules for steel pipe flanges

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