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JIS C5202-1990 test methods of fixed resistors for electronic equipment

Standard Number:  JIS C5202-1990
Title:  test methods of fixed resistors for electronic equipment
Language:  Japanese
Publication Date:  1990/11/1
Adopted International Standard:  IEC 60115 PT1 Identical
IEC 60115-1 Ed. 3.1 Equivalent
Status:  Withdrawn
International Classification for Standards (ICS)ELECTRONICS>>Resistors>>Fixed resistors
Publisher:  Japanese Standards Association (JSA JIS)
Number of Pages:104p;a4  

Description:Standard defines the test procedures of fixed resistors used mainly in electronic equipment. If there is a discrepancy between the provision of this specification and that of the relevant detail specification, the provision of the detail specification shall be followed.  
Catalog:1 Scope
2 Definitions
3 Conditions for test
3.1 Standard conditions
3.2 Reference conditions
3.3 Referee conditions
3.4 Drying
3.4.1 Drying conditions
3.4.2 Dry storage
3.4.3 Items to be specificed in detail
3.5 Standard recovery conditions
4 Appearance and dimension tests
4.1 Appearance
4.2 Marking
4.3 Dimension
5 Electrical performance tests
5.1 Resistance
5.2 Temperature characteristic of resistance and
deviation in resistance value
5.3 Voltage coefficient
5.4 Temperature rise
5.5 Short-time overload
5.6 Insulation resistance
5.7 Dielectric withstand voltage
5.8 Intermittent overload
5.9 Noise
5.10 High-frequency characteristic
5.11 Withstand to pulse
5.12 Reactance
6 Mechanical performance tests
6.1 Robustness of termination
6.1.1 Equipment
6.1.2 Test method 1 (applicable for resistors
other than SMD)
6.1.3 Items to be specified in detail
6.1.4 Test method 2 (applicable for SMD)
6.1.5 Items to be specified in detail
6.2 Robustness of resistor body
6.2.1 Tests
(1) Method 1 (applicable for resistors
with a body length exceeding 25 mm)
(2) Method 2 (applicable for SMD)
6.3 Resistance to vibration
6.4 Resistance to soldering heat
6.5 Solderability
6.6 Sealing
6.7 Shock
6.8 Radiographic examination
6.9 Resistance to solvent
6.10 Resistance to soldering heat (applicable for SMD)
6.11 Solderability (applicable for SMD)
6.12 Resistance of electrode to soldering damage
(applicable for SMD)
6.13 Bump
7 Environmental tests
7.1 Resistance to cold
7.2 Resistance to dry heat
7.3 Heat shock
7.4 Change of temperature (cycle)
7.5 Resistance to damp heat (steady state)
7.6 Resistance to damp heat (cyclic)
7.7 Salt mist
7.8 Immersion cycle sealing
7.9 Endurance (under damp and load)
7.10 Endurance (rated load)
7.11 Stability
7.12 Flame retardance
7.13 Climatic sequence
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Annex 1
Annex 2
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Tile in English:  test methods of fixed resistors for electronic equipment

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