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JIS C9612-2005 Room air conditioners

Standard Number:  JIS C9612-2005
Title:  Room air conditioners
Language:  Japanese
Replaced by Standard:  JIS C 9612:2013

Publication Date:  2005/9/20
Execute Date:  2005/9/20
Status:  Withdrawn
Publisher:  Japanese Standards Association (JSA JIS)
Number of Pages:134P;A4   

Description:Standard defines room air conditioners of integral type (compressor refrigerating unit, fans, etc. are accommodated in a cabinet) or separate type (compressor refrigerating unit, fans, etc. are accommodated in two cabinets) with a rated cooling capacity not exceeding 10 kW and a rated cooling power consumption not exceeding 3 kW in the room air conditioners which carry out cooling (ones which also carry out heating are included) circulation of air and removal of dust for the purpose of comfortable air conditioning in rooms.  
Catalog:1 Scope
2 Definitions
3 Classification
4 Rated voltage and rated frequency
5 Performances
5.1 Leakage of refrigerant
5.2 Cooling capacity
5.3 Cooling power consumption
5.4 Heating capacity
5.5 Heating power consumption
5.6 Power consumption of electric heater
5.7 Cooling overload performance
5.8 Heating overload performance
5.9 Temperature
5.10 Insulation resistance
5.11 Dielectric withstand voltage
5.12 Starting current
5.13 Enclosure sweat
5.14 Disposal of condensed water
5.15 Freezing property
5.16 Automatic defrosting performance
5.17 Insulation performance under water spray
5.18 Noise
5.19 Abnormality
6 Construction
6.1 Construction in general
6.2 Live part
6.3 Electrical insulating material
6.4 Wiring
6.5 Earthing terminal and earthing lead
6.6 Electric heater
6.7 Fuse and fuse mounting
6.8 Power supply cord
7 Materials
7.1 Materials in general
7.2 Current carrying materials
7.3 Fuse and fuse mount
7.4 Refrigerant circuit
8 Tests
8.1 Test conditions
8.2 Construction test
8.3 Refrigerant leakage test
8.4 Cooling capacity test
8.5 Cooling power consumption test
8.6 Heating capacity test
8.6.1 Standard heating capacity test
8.6.2 Test for heating capacity at low
8.7 Heating power consumption tests
8.7.1 Standard heating power consumption test
8.7.2 Test for low-temperature heating power
8.8 Test for electric-heater power consumption
8.9 Cooling overload test
8.10 Heating overload test
8.11 Temperature test
8.12 Insulation resistance test
8.13 Dielectric withstand voltage test
8.14 Starting current test
8.15 Enclosure sweat test
8.16 Test for disposal of condensed water
8.17 Freezing test
8.18 Automatic defrost test
8.19 Test for insulation under water spray
8.20 Noise test
8.21 Abnormality test
9 Inspections
9.1 Type inspection
9.2 Product inspection
10 Designation of product
11 Marking
11.1 Marking on product
11.2 Marking on package
12 Precaution for use
Related standards
Annex 1 Measuring methods of cooling capacity and heat-pump
heating capacity
1 Scope
2 Classification of measuring methods
3 Measurement of heat quantity
3.1 Direct method
3.1.1 Measuring device
3.1.2 Measuring method
3.1.3 Calculating method of cooling capacity
3.1.4 Calculating method of heat-pump heating
3.2 Indirect method
3.2.1 Measuring device
3.2.2 Measuring method
3.2.3 Calculating method of cooling capacity
3.2.4 Calculation method of heat-pump heating
Annex 2 Noise test
1 Noise measuring chamber
2 Noise measuring instrument
3 Noise measuring method
Informative reference 1 Simple calculation method of
cooling and heating load in general
Informative reference 2 Test and calculation methods for
seasonal performance factor  
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Tile in English:  Room air conditioners

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