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JIS L1018-1999 Test methods for knitted fabrics

Standard Number:  JIS L1018-1999
Title:  Test methods for knitted fabrics
Language:  Japanese
Publication Date:  1999/4/20
Execute Date:  1999/4/20
Revocatory Date:  2010/6/21
Status:  Withdrawn
International Classification for Standards (ICS)TEXTILE AND LEATHER TECHNOLOGY>>Products of the textile industry>>Textile fabrics
CCS Classification for Standardstextile>>knitting>>Knitted fabric
Publisher:  Japanese Standards Association (JSA JIS)
Number of Pages:98P;A4   

Description:Standard defines the testing procedures for evaluating general characteristics of knitted fabrics (1). NOTE (1) The knitted fabrics, hereinafter referred to as the "fabrics" are of warp knits and weft knits.  
Catalog:1 Scope
2 Definitions
3 Sampling and Preparation of Sample
4 Test Conditions
4.1 Test Place
4.2 Absolute Dry Mass
4.3 Official Moisture Regain
4.4 Temperature and Humidity
5 Test Items
6 Testing Methods
6.1 Texture
6.2 Width
6.3 Length
6.4 Mass per Unit Area
6.5 Thickness
6.6 Moisture Regain
6.7 Constitution of Used Yarns
6.8 Density
6.9 Apparent Specific Gravity and Pore Volume
6.10 Stitch Length and Cover Factor
6.11 Stitch Bow
6.12 Foreign Matter and Nep
6.13 Tensile Strength and Elongation Percentage
6.14 Elongation Force and Elongation Percentage
6.15 Elongation Elastic Modulus
6.16 Tearing Strength
6.17 Bursting Strength
6.18 Abrasion Resistance
6.19 Compressibility and Compressive Elastic Modulus
6.20 Bulkiness
6.21 Bending Rebound Characteristics
6.22 Bending Resistance
6.23 Crease Resistance
6.24 Seam Strength
6.25 Pilling
6.26 Bagging Property
6.27 Snag
6.28 Pile Retention Property
6.29 Pleating Property
6.30 Shrinkage Percentage
6.31 Wrinkles after Washing
6.32 Permissible Temperature to Ironing
6.33 Shrinkage
6.34 Air Permeability
6.35 Thermal Insulating Property
6.36 Drying Property
6.37 Water Absorbing Property
6.38 Light Resistance
6.39 Weather Resistance
6.40 Moth Proofing Property
6.41 Water Repellency
6.42 Moisture Permeability
6.43 Combustion Quality
6.44 Electric Charging Property
6.45 Mixture Ratio
6.46 Liberated Formaldehyde Amount
6.47 Qualitative Property of Resin and Quantity
of Resin
6.48 Fat-and-Oil Content
6.49 Solvent Extract Content
6.50 Washing Loss
6.51 pH of Extract Solution
6.52 Dyestuff Group
6.53 Fluorescent Brightening Agent Group
6.54 Colour Fastness
6.55 Colour Fastness to Abrasion
6.56 Migration of Dyestuff and the Like
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File Size:  882KB
Tile in English:  Test methods for knitted fabrics

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