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BS 4163-2007 Health and safety for design and technology in schools and similar establishments - Code of practice

Standard Number:  BS 4163-2007
Title:  Health and safety for design and technology in schools and similar establishments - Code of practice
Language:  English
Publication Date:  2007/5/31
Execute Date:  2007/5/31
Adopted International Standard:  BS 196, BS 411, BS 546, BS 638, BS 1361, BS 1362, BS 1363-1, BS 1363-2, BS 1363-4, BS 1710, BS 2769, BS 3641, BS 4278, BS 4293, BS 4411, BS 4676, BS 5169, BS 5266, BS 5482-1, BS 5499-4, BS 5499-5, BS 5733, BS 5839, BS 6166-1, BS 7288, BS 7671:2001, BS EN 136, BS EN 140, BS EN 143, BS EN 149:2001, BS EN 166, BS EN 167, BS EN 168, BS EN 175, BS EN 374, BS EN 388, BS EN 407, BS EN 420, BS EN 470-1, BS EN 529, BS EN 847-1, BS EN 859, BS EN 860, BS EN 861, BS EN 1807, BS EN 1870-1, BS EN 1870-2, BS EN 14387, BS EN 60073, BS EN 60079, BS EN 60204-1, BS EN 60309-2, BS EN 60335, BS EN 60529, BS EN 60669-2-4, BS EN 60898, BS EN 60947-1, BS EN 60947-3, BS EN 60947-4, BS EN 61008-1, BS EN 61009-1, BS EN 61558, BS EN ISO 13850, PD 5304
Status:  Current
Publisher:  British Standards
Number of Pages:142P.;A4   

Preface:Health and safety requirements, Health and safety management, Safety measures, Schools, Educational facilities, Workshops, Teaching, Equipment safety, Machine tools, Materials handling, Hazards, Risk assessment, Chemical hazards, Personnel, Planning, Design, Environment (working), Building services, Food preparation equipment, Textile machinery and accessories, Plastics-working machinery, Portable, Hand tools, Woodworking machines, Metalworking machines, Garages (commercial), Moulding (process), Moulding equipment, Heat engineering, Heat engineering components, Metalworking, Chemical technology processes, Chemical technology equipment, Cloth, Asbestos, Adhesives, Plastics, Wood  
Description:This British Standard code of practice provides recommendations and guidance for persons responsible for planning services, equipment and machinery and for persons who may use these in design and technology facilities in schools and similar establishments. Design and technology facilities include all teaching areas and preparation areas where materials are manipulated and processed, equipment is used and design and/or manufacturing takes place (e.g. food, textiles, graphics, electronics, technology, craft, engineering, manufacturing and computer areas). NOTE The recommendations cover the supply and safe use of equipment, machine tools and materials and chemicals, personal protection and safety management, with particular reference to the hazards involved.  
Overview: What is BS 4163:2007?BS 4163 sets out the health and safety requirements for design and technology in schools and other educational facilities. This code of good practice gives clear guidance for personnel who are responsible for planning services, machine tools or machine handling, and for anyone who is involved with design and technology facilities. “Design and technology in schools” refers to all teaching and workshop areas where materials are manipulated and processed. These include building services, food preparation equipment, textile machinery and accessories, plastics-working machinery and woodworking and metalworking machines. How does it work?BS 4163 includes terms, definitions and references to cover both equipment safety and the supply of machine and hand tools. It also gives a set of recommendations to put safety measures in place in an environment where learners work with chemical hazards, cloth, asbestos, adhesives, moulding equipment, plastics and wood. Other contents include health and safety management, as well as planning and services. What is new?BS 4163:2007 replaces BS 4163:2000 which has now been withdrawn.Who should read it?Heads of design and technology in schoolsHealth and safety managers in educational facilitiesHealth and safety consultantsWorkshop leadersTeachersManufacturers of design and technology tools for schoolsWhy BSI?We are global, we’re independent and we’re a trusted service provider to 80,000 businesses. We operate in 147 countries and are the number one certification body in the UK and US. We created 85% of our portfolio because we know standards and we know your business. We’re leaders and we can make you one too.  
Cross References:BS 196; BS 411; BS 546; BS 638; BS 1361; BS 1362; BS 1363-1; BS 1363-2; BS 1363-4; BS 1710; BS 2769; BS 3641; BS 4278; BS 4293; BS 4411; BS 4676; BS 5169; BS 5266; BS 5482-1; BS 5499-4; BS 5499-5; BS 5733; BS 5839; BS 6166-1; BS 7288; BS 7671:2001; BS EN  
Section 1: General
1 Scope
Section 2: Health and safety management
2 Health and safety management
Section 3: Planning and services
3 Planning and design
4 Working area environment
5 Services
Section 4: Teaching areas, equipment, tools and processes
6 General health and safety
7 Management of the teaching environment
8 Food and textiles - Appliances and equipment
9 Portable tools and equipment used in workshops
10 Woodworking machinery
11 Metalworking machinery
12 Motor vehicle work, machinery and equipment
13 Moulding processes and equipment for plastics
14 Heat processes, plant and equipment for metals
15 Chemical processes for metals and fabrics
16 Computer-operated equipment
Section 5: Materials
17 Materials
Section 6: Terms and definitions, and references
18 Terms and definitions
19 References  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  434KB
Tile in English:  Health and safety for design and technology in schools and similar establishments - Code of practice

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