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BS EN 196-1-2005 Methods of testing cement - Determination of strength

Standard Number:  BS EN 196-1-2005
Title:  Methods of testing cement - Determination of strength
Language:  English
Publication Date:  2005/3/22
Execute Date:  2005/3/22
Adopted International Standard:  EN 196-1-1994,IDT
Status:  Current
CCS Classification for StandardsBuilding materials>>Building materials product>>cement
Publisher:  British Standards
Number of Pages:36P.;A4   

Description:This document describes the method for the determination of the compressive and, optionally, the flexural strength of cement mortar. The method applies to common cements and to other cements and materials, the standards for which call up this method. It may not apply to other cement types that have, for example, a very short initial setting time. The method is used for assessing whether the compressive strength of cement is in conformity with its specification and for validation testing of a CEN Standard sand, EN 196-1, or alternative compaction equipment. This document describes the reference equipment and procedure and allows alternative compaction equipment and procedures to be used provided that they have been validated in accordance with the appropriate provisions in this document. In the event of a dispute, only the reference equipment and procedure are used.  
Cross References:EN 197-1; EN 196-7; EN ISO 1302; ISO 1302:2002; EN ISO 7500-1; ISO 7500-1:2004; ISO 565; ISO 1101; ISO 3310-1; ISO 4200  
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Principle
4 Laboratory and equipment
4.1 Laboratory
4.2 General requirements for the equipment
4.3 Test sieves
4.4 Mixer
4.5 Moulds
4.6 Jolting apparatus
4.7 Flexural strength testing apparatus
4.8 Compressive strength testing machine
4.9 Jig for compressive strength testing machine
4.10 Balance
4.11 Timer
5 Mortar constituents
5.1 Sand
5.2 Cement
5.3 Water
6 Preparation of mortar
6.1 Composition of mortar
6.2 Mixing of mortar
7 Preparation of test specimens
7.1 Size of specimens
7.2 Moulding of test specimens
8 Conditioning of test specimens
8.1 Handling and storage before demoulding
8.2 Demoulding of specimens
8.3 Curing of specimens in water
8.4 Age of specimens for strength tests
9 Testing procedures
9.1 Flexural strength
9.2 Compressive strength
10 Results
10.1 Flexural strength
10.2 Compressive strength
11 Validation testing of CEN Standard sand and of alternative
compaction equipment
11.1 General
11.2 Validation testing of CEN Standard sand
11.3 Validation testing of alternative compaction equipment
Annex A (normative) Alternative vibration compaction equipment
and procedures validated as equivalent to
the reference jolting compaction equipment
and procedure  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  856KB
Tile in English:  Methods of testing cement - Determination of strength

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