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BS EN 336-2003 Structural timber - Sizes, permitted deviations

Standard Number:  BS EN 336-2003
Title:  Structural timber - Sizes, permitted deviations
Language:  English
Publication Date:  2003/5/14
Execute Date:  2003/5/14
Adopted International Standard:  EN 336-2003,IDT
Status:  Current
International Classification for Standards (ICS)WOOD TECHNOLOGY>>Wood, sawlogs and sawn timber
Publisher:  British Standards
Number of Pages:12P.;A4   

Preface:Structural timber, Wood, Softwoods, Hardwoods, Sawn timber, Preferred sizes, Dimensional tolerances, Dimensions, Moisture, Moisture measurement  
Description:This standard specifies two classes of permitted deviations from target sizes for structural timber of softwood and hardwood species. It also specifies the moisture content to be used as a reference point for the measurement of sizes, and gives average values for changes in size due to changes in moisture content. It is applicable to sawn and prepared square-edged timber with parallel edges having sawn thickness or widths in the range 22 mm to 300 mm.  
Cross References:EN 13183-2; EN 1309-1; EN 13183-2; BS EN 1313-2; BS EN 336; BS EN 14081; BS 5268; BS EN 1995  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  451KB
Tile in English:  Structural timber - Sizes, permitted deviations

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