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BS EN 61508-1-2010 functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems part 1: general requirements

Standard Number:  BS EN 61508-1-2010
Title:  functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems part 1: general requirements
Language:  English
Replacing Standard:  BS EN 61508-1-2002

Publication Date:  2010/6/30
Execute Date:  2010/6/30
Adopted International Standard:  IEC 61508-2:2010, IEC 61508-3:2010, IEC 61508-4:2010, IEC Guide 104:1997, ISO/IEC Guide 51:1999, EN 61508-2:2010, EN 61508-3:2010, EN 61508-4:2010, IEC 61511, IEC 62061, IEC 61800-5-2, IEC/TR 61508-0:2005, IEC 61508-6:2010, IEC 61508-7:2010, IEC 61506:1997, IEC 60300-3-1:2003, IEC 60300-3-9:1995, IEC 61882:2001, NUREG/CR-4780. Volume 1:1988, NUREG/CR-4780. Volume 2:1989, IEC 61326-3-1, ISO 8613-1:1994, IEC 61355, IEC 60601, IEC/TS 61000-1-2, IEC 61508-5:2010, IEC 62443, ISO/IEC TR:19791
Status:  Current
International Classification for Standards (ICS)ENVIRONMENT. HEALTH PROTECTION. SAFETY>>Protection against electric shock
Publisher:  British Standards
Number of Pages:66  

Preface:Safety engineering, Electrical equipment, Electrical components, Electronic equipment and components, Programmable, Computer applications, Safety devices, Equipment safety, Electrical safety, Risk assessment, Hazards, Life cycle, Management, Conformity, Standardization, Documents, Planning, Risk analysis, Failure (quality control), Grades (quality), Maintenance, Repair, Verification, Installation, Commissioning, Assessed quality, Personnel  
Description:1.1 This International Standard covers those aspects to be considered when electrical/electronic/programmable electronic (E/E/PE) systems are used to carry out safety functions. A major objective of this standard is to facilitate the development of product and application sector international standards by the technical committees responsible for the product or application sector. This will allow all the relevant factors, associated with the product or application, to be fully taken into account and thereby meet the specific needs of users of the product and the application sector. A second objective of this standard is to enable the development of E/E/PE safety-related systems where product or application sector international standards do not exist.  
Overview: What is BS EN 61508-1:2010?BS EN 61508-1:2010 stipulates the general requirements for electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety devices. It covers the safety systems of electrical equipment and their components that could have an impact on the safety of people and the environment if they fail. BS EN 61508-1 also applies to protection and control systems, and helps organisations to identify hazards to improve overall equipment safety in the workplace. How does it work?BS EN 61508-1:2010 first explains the objectives and requirements that should be taken into account when it comes to the management of functional safety. It then defines the overall safety life cycle requirements – such as hazard and risk analysis, maintenance planning, and verification – before looking at the best practice assessments of functional safety. Who should read it?Safety engineersManufacturers of electrical, electronic and programmable electronic safety devicesSuppliers of electronic safety devicesRegulatory bodiesOccupational health and safety officersWhy BSI?We are global, we’re independent and we’re a trusted service provider to 80,000 businesses. We operate in 147 countries and are the number one certification body in the UK and US. We created 85% of our portfolio because we know standards and we know your business. We’re leaders and we can make you one too.   The BS EN 61508 series consists of 7 parts that cover the functional safety of E/E/PE safety systems:BS EN 61508-1:2010 General requirements BS EN 61508-2:2010 Requirements for electrical/ electronic/ programmable electronic safety-related systems BS EN 61508-3:2010 Software requirements BS EN 61508-4:2010 Definitions and abbreviations BS EN 61508-5:2010 Examples of methods for the determination of safety integrity levels BS EN 61508-6:2010 Guidelines on the application of IEC 61508-2 and IEC 61508-3 BS EN 61508-7:2010 Overview of techniques and measures   
Cross References:IEC 61508-2-2010; IEC 61508-3-2010; IEC 61508-4-2010; IEC Guide 104-1997; ISO/IEC Guide 51-1999; EN 61508-2-2010; EN 61508-3-2010; EN 61508-4-2010; IEC 61511; IEC 62061; IEC 61800-5-2; IEC/TR 61508-0-2005; IEC 61508-6-2010; IEC 61508-7-2010; IEC 61506-1997; IEC 60300-3-1-2003; IEC 60300-3-9-1995; IEC 61882-2001; NUREG/CR-4780. Volume 1-1988; NUREG/CR-4780. Volume 2-1989; IEC 61326-3-1; ISO 8613-1-1994; IEC 61355; IEC 60601; IEC/TS 61000-1-2; IEC 61508-5-2010; IEC 62443; ISO/IEC/TR-19791  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  977KB
Tile in English:  functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems part 1: general requirements

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