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GB 12732-2008 Automotive V-belts

Standard Number:  GB 12732-2008
Title:  Automotive V-belts
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Replaced by Standard:  GB 12732-1996 Automotive V-belts

Replacing Standard:  GB 12732-1996 Automotive V-belts

Publication Date:  2008/4/1
Execute Date:  2008/10/1
Adopted International Standard:  JASO E 107-88
Standard Type:  Product
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:  

Preface: 5.3.4 this standard is mandatory and the rest is recommended. This corresponds to the Japan automobile association standard JASOE107-88 "automotive V belt, and degree of consistency for the equivalent JASOE107-88. This standard instead of GB 12732-1996 Automotive V-belts "automotive V belt". This standard with J ASOE107-88, the main differences are as follows: - delete V belt fatigue test method, using ISO5287 the tape drive car industry with narrow V belt fatigue experiment method, the insufficient part shall be added by JASOE107; The GB/T11545 reference; - delete V belt size and measurement Long belt wheel size, use ISO2790 auto industry with the belt transmission V belt and belt wheel size ", skimpy share by JASOE107 compensatory; The GB/T13352 reference; - increase AV15 type automotive V belt. This standard major changes compared with GB 12732-1996 Automotive V-belts Nonconforming product is as follows: - delete V belt fatigue life of the original requirements 4.6.1 (1996 edition), the original instead of the first class requirements, cancel the first-grade product; - remove non-conforming material fatigue life test of glass fiber rope V belt tension (in 1996 version of the tactical fix packs for 6.5.2); - to increasing the cutting-type V belt Quality requirements (this version 5.1). This standard put forward by China petroleum and chemical industry association. This standard by the chemical industry adhesive tape under centralized unit under centralized standardized technology. This standard drafting unit: zhejiang zijingang tape co., LTD., zhejiang three guinness rubber co., LTD., guizhou public rubber co., LTD., zhejiang 3 d rubber products Co., LTD., northwestern polytechnical university, henan optimization methodology for zhongyuan rubber co., LTD., Qingdao institute of rubber industry. Main drafter of this standard: PangChangZhi, Zheng Youcan, stone water auspicious, snow eu, Ma Wenkang, Li Shujun, Zhang Qingjun, Han Deshen. This standard replaced all previous releases of standard for: - GB12732 -1991,GB 12732-1996 Automotive V-belts  
Description:This standard instead of gb12732-1996 "automotive v belt". This standard specifies the classification of the automotive v belt products, materials and requirements, sampling, test method and marks, labels, packaging, storage and transportation rules. This standard applies to the internal combustion engine driven car auxiliary equipment (such as fan, generator, water pump, compressor, power steering pump, etc.), automotive v belt. This corresponds to the Japan automobile association standard jasoe107-88 "automobile v Belt, and jasoe107-88 degree of consistency is not equivalent. This standard replaced all previous releases of standard for: - gb12732-1991, gb12732-1996.  
Cross References:,(),,,
GB/T3686 V
GB/T11545 V(GB/T 11545-1996 V-belt drives for the automotive industry--Fatigue test,eqvISO5287:1985)
GB/T13352 V(GB/T 13352-1996 Automotive V-belts--Dimensions,neqISO2790:1989)
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Tile in English:  Automotive V-belts

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