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GB 175-2007 Common Portland Cement

Standard Number:  GB 175-2007
Title:  Common Portland Cement
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2007/11/9
Execute Date:  2008/6/1
Revocatory Date:  2009/9/1
Status:  Withdrawn
Standard Type:  Product
CCS Classification for StandardsBuilding materials>>Building materials product>>cement
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:  

Preface: This standard 7.1 and 9.4 for mandatory clause 7.3.1, 7.3.2, 7.3.3, and the rest is recommended. This standard and the European cement standard EN197  1:2000 of common Portland cement consistency degree is not equivalent. Since the date of implementation of this standard instead of GB175-1999 Portland cement and ordinary Portland cement, GB 1344-1999 Portland blastfurnace-slag cement,Portland pozzolana cement and portland fly-ash cement "slag Portland cement, pozzolana Portland cement, Portland cement, fly ash and GB12958-1999 composite Portland cement three criteria. And, GB1344-1999, GB1 GB175-1999 2958-1999, compared to major changes in this standard are as follows: - forced to provisions in full force (preface this edition); - adds to the general definition of Portland cement (chapter 3) this edition; - the definition of each type of cement will be cancelled (original, GB1344 GB175-1999-1999, G B12958-1999, chapter 3); - components and materials into a chapter (the original GB175-1999, GB1344-1999, chapter 4 GB12958-1999, this edition chapter 5). - in the ordinary Portland cement mixing active mixing materials, maximum dosage is less than 15%, which allows to use not exceeding 5% of the quality of cement kiln ash or no more than 10% of cement quality instead of active mixing material instead of active mixing material adding quantity is > 5% and 20% or less, which in not more than the quality of cement is 8% and allowed to meet this standard article 5.2.4 inactive mixing material or no more than 5% cement quality And in accordance with this standard article 5.2.5 kiln ash to replace (article 3.2 of the original GB175-1999, this article 5.1); - the slag adding amount in slag Portland cement by 20% ~ 70% to 20% and > 70% or less, and divided into type A and type B. Type A slag content > 20% or less 50%, code p. s. a.; B type slag content > 50% and 70%, or less code p. s. B (article 3.1 of the original GB1344-1999, this article 5.1); - mix pozzolana Portland cement in pozzolanic material content > 20% instead of 20% ~ 50% and 4 or less 0% (the original GB1344-1999 in article 3.2 and article 5.1 of this edition is _t_i_ bean). - mix in composite Portland cement material always adding quantity should be greater than 15%, but not more than 50% to 20% and > 50% or less (the original GB12958-1999 in chapter 3, this version 5 . 1); - in the material increased the graining of blast furnace slag powder (this edition is the first, the article 5.2.4 5.2.3 requires); - cancel the graining is allowed in the composite Portland cement mixed with refined ferrochrome slag, graining added-calcium, graining carbon ferrochrome slag, liquid slag granulating mixing materials such as titanium blast furnace slag, and in accordance with appendix A new mixed material Material and appendix A cancellation (original GB12958-1999, article 4.3 and 4.2 in appendix A). - increased M mixed gypsum, cancelled the class A of anhydrite (original GB175-1999, and GB12958 GB1344-1999-1999 in chapter 3, this version The first article; - by the dosage of grinding aid allowed no more than 1% of cement quality to no more than 0.5% of cement quality (original GB175-1999, and GB12958 GB1344-1999-1999 in article 4.5, this edition is the first article 5.2.6); - plain water Cancelled in mud strength grade 32.5 and 32.5 R (the original GB175-1999 in chapter 5, this edition chapter 6); - slag Portland cement, pozzolana Portland cement and Portland cement, fly ash composite Portland cement clinker cement instead of magnesium oxide content in the magnesium oxide content, which requires P S. a., p. P, p. F, p. C magnesium oxide in cement content is not more than 6.0%, and infuse b shows that if the magnesium oxide content in cement is more than 6.0%, should cement autoclave experiment was carried out and qualified; P. s. B no requirement. (original and GB1295 GB1344-1999 8-1999 in article 6.1 and article 7.1 of this edition); - increases the chloride ion limited demand, namely the content of chlorine ion in concrete is not more than 0.06% (article 7.1 of this edition); - where the strength grade of strength index of the ordinary Portland cement instead and Portland cement, the different strength grade silicate composite Strength index of the cement and slag Portland cement, pozzolana Portland cement, fly ash Portland cement agreement (article 6.6 ___________ in the original GB12958-1999, this article 7.3.3). - increased more than 45 mu m square hole sieve sieve is not more than 30% as a selective Indicators (article sections 7.3.4 this edition); - increases the choice of cement composition test method and the principle of regular check requirements (article 8.1 of this edition); - will be effected according to the water cement ratio 0.50 and fluidity of sand is not less than 180 mm to determine suitable varieties of cement in the regulation of water expands to pozzolana Portland cement, Portland cement, compound Portland cement and fly ash pozzolanic admixture mixed materials of ordinary Portland cement (article 7.5 of the original GB1344-1999, this article 8.5); - increase in the number and the sampling level of annual production capacity of more than 200 x 104 t, i.e., more than 200 x 104 t, not super 4000 t for a serial number; Will be more than 1.2 million tons, 1.2 million tons of not more than for a serial number to 120 x 104 x 104 t to 104 t, no more than 2400 t for a number (the original, GB1344 GB175-1999-1999, 8 GB12958-1999. Article 1 and article 9.1 of this edition); - will cement factory shall ensure that the factory strength grade, the rest of the technical requirements should comply with the relevant requirements of this standard to cement the confirmed the technical indexes and the packaging quality requirements before leaving the factory (the original GB 175-1999, GB 1999-175, GB 12958-1999 Composite portland cement in article 8.2 and article 9.2 of this edition); - adds to the factory inspection project (article 9.3 of this edition); Decision - cancelled waste (original, GB1344 GB175-1999-1999 and GB12958-1999 in article 8.3); - nonconforming product Cancelled in the provisions of the fineness and dosage mixed materials, change the decision rule to inspection results in accordance with article 7.1 of this standard, 7.3.1, 7.3.2, 7.3.3 the technical requirements for products. Test results do not conform to the article 7.1 of this standard, 7.3.1, 7.3.2, 7.3.3 in any technical requirements for the unqualified Product. Original (GB 175-175, GB 1344-1344, clause 8.3.2 GB12958-1999, this edition is the first 9.4.1,   
Description:This standard specifies the definition and classification of common Portland cement, components and materials, strength grade, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rule and packing, marking, transportation and storage, etc.
this standard is applicable to common Portland cement.  
Cross References:GB/T176 (GB/T 176-1996 Method for chemical analysis of cement,eqvISO680:1990)
GB/T1346 (GB/T 1346-2001 Test methods for water requirement of normal consis-tency,setting time and soundness of the portland cements,eqvISO9597:1989)
GB/T17671 (ISO )(GB/T 17671-1999 Method of testing cements--Determinationof strength,idtISO679:1989)
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Tile in English:  Common Portland Cement

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