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GB 518-2007 Motorcycle tyres

Standard Number:  GB 518-2007
Title:  Motorcycle tyres
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Replaced by Standard:  GB/T 518-1997 Motorcycle tyres

Replacing Standard:  GB/T 518-1997 Motorcycle tyres

Publication Date:  2007/11/1
Execute Date:  2008/4/1
Adopted International Standard:  JIS K6366:1998
Status:  Current
Standard Type:  Safety
International Classification for Standards (ICS)RUBBER AND PLASTIC INDUSTRIES>>Tyres>>Road vehicle tyres
CCS Classification for Standardschemical>>Rubber products and auxiliary materials>>tire
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:  

Preface: This standard of 4.1 ~ 4.3, 4.4.1, 4.5, chapter 6 for mandatory, the rest is recommended. This standard with the Japanese industrial standard JISK6366:1998 degree of consistency of the motorcycle tyre (Japanese) as an equivalent. This standard instead of GB/T 518-1997 Motorcycle tyres motorcycle tyre. This standard and GB/T 518-1997 Motorcycle tyres, the main technical differences: - cancelled the skeleton materials for cotton or rayon bias tyre cord and when hemispherical head to rim and all measurement points tire body has not been destroyed, and the determination of value not specified in the table of the parameter values in both cases the minimum breaking the rules of the indexes can be lowered by 60% ( The 1997 edition of the 2); - increased by 8 pr tyre can minimum damage assessment index (this version 2); - changes the high-speed performance (see holdings); - increased snow mud tire marks requirements (chapter 6 of this edition); - to cancel the sampling and inspection rules, The provisions of the packing, transporting and storing (1997 edition of the chapter 5, 7.2). This standard put forward by China petroleum and chemical industry association. This standard by the national tire rim standardization technical committee (SAC/TC19) under centralized. Entrust this standard national motorcycle bicycle tire rim standard tumble technology committee is responsible for the interpretation . This standard drafting unit: guangzhou first rubber factory, xiamen is the new rubber industry co., LTD., guangzhou institute of rubber industry products. Main drafter of this standard: Chen Qiufa, li yi hua, XiaoChuHua, Huang Huiwen, LeiLing, Laura wang. This standard replaced all previous releases of standard is: GB518-1965 GB/T 518-1974 pneumatic tyres for motorcyclesGB/T 518-1991 pneumatic tyres for motorcyclesGB/T 518-1997 Motorcycle tyres  
Description:This standard specifies the motorcycle tyres used terms and their definitions, requirements, test methods and marks. This standard applies to new motorcycle pneumatic tyre.  
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File Size:  237KB
Tile in English:  Motorcycle tyres

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