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GB/T 1222-2007 Spring steels

Standard Number:  GB/T 1222-2007
Title:  Spring steels
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Replaced by Standard:  GB/T 1222-1984 Spring steel

Replacing Standard:  GB/T 1222-1984 Spring steel

Publication Date:  2007/8/14
Execute Date:  2008/3/1
Adopted International Standard:  GB/T 10561;GB/T 11261;GB/T 13299;GB/T 13302;GB/T 14981;GB/T 17505;GB/T 1814;GB/T 1979;GB/T 2101;GB/T 222;GB/T 223.11;GB/T 223.13;GB/T 223.18;GB/T 223.19;GB/T 223.23;GB/T 223.24;GB/T 223.3;GB/T 223.43;GB/T 223.5;GB/T 223.58;GB/T 223.59;GB/T 223.60;GB/T 223.61;GB/T 223.67;GB/T 223.71;GB/T 223.72;GB/T 223.75;GB/T 223.76;GB/T 224;GB/T 225;GB/T 226;GB/T 228;GB/T 231.1;GB/T 2975;GB/T 3078;GB/T 4336;GB/T 6394;GB/T 702;GB/T 7736;GB/T 905;GB/T 908
Standard Type:  Product
International Classification for Standards (ICS)METALLURGY>>Iron and steel products>>Spring steels
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:16  

Preface: This standard instead of "spring steel" GB/T1222-1984. This standard and GB/T1222-1984 standard compared with the main changes are as follows: - increases the range of spring steel chapter (see 1); - increases the normative reference file chapter (see 2); - increased the order content chapter (see 3) ; - increases the brand of unified digital code (see 5.1); - cancelled 55 si2mnb si2mn, 55, 60 crmnmoa three brands, increase the 55 sicra brand (1984 edition of table 6; this version of table 1). - about 60 si2mn, 60 s Adjusted our i2MnA Mn content (1984 edition of table 6; this version of table 1). - added yan certain brands of sulphur, phosphorus content requirements (1984 edition of table 6; this version of table 1). - modify the provisions of the smelting method (in 1984 version 3.2; this version 5.2); - to add Added surface treatment delivery state regulations (1984) of 3.3; this version of 5.3.2); - the name and mechanical properties of unit symbols according to standard GB/T228-2002 renamed (1984 edition of table 7; this version of the table 2). - increased the mechanical properties of the provisions of the blank sample size And the provisions of the spring flat steel sample (see 5.4.1); - added more than 80 mm diameter or thickness of steel, allowed to change after forging (rolling) the provisions of the sampling inspection (see 5.4.3); - adjust the delivery of certain brands hardness index (in 1984 version of the table 8, this version of table 3). - added 5 5 simnvb hardenability test system of heat treatment (see 5.5.1); - increased hardenability calculation method can be used instead of the regulation of hardenability test (see 5.5.2); - supplementary provisions nondestructive flaw detection method can be used in place of acid leaching macroscopic examination (see 5.6.3); - increases the non-metallic inclusions Level of qualified inspection (see 5.7); - added to the provisions of the depth of the decarburization layer of the forging materials (see 5.8); - delete the demand for steel grain size of qualified level (3.9.4 1984 version, this version 5.10); - will be the size of the hot-rolled flat steel, shape, weight, and the requirements of the allowable deviation Whole of normative appendix (1984 edition of the 2.3; this version of the appendix A). - plane of flat steel thickness increased by 35 mm and 40 mm two specifications, the cancellation of the 6.5 mm and 9.5 mm thickness of two specifications, the thickness of the part and the width of the series of flat steel specification changed (1984) Table 1, this version of the table A. 1); - modify the schematic diagram of single double groove flat steel (in 1984 version of the figure 2, this version of the figure a. 2); - single double groove flat steel 75 mm width increased by 8 mm and 13 mm thickness specification, another increase the width of 90 mm series of 11 mm and 13 m M thickness of two specifications (in 1984 version of the table 2, this version of the table A. 2). - adjust the flat plane size allowable deviation (in 1984 version of the table 3, this version of the table A. 3); - increases the single double groove width tolerance of the provisions of the flat steel (in 1984 version of the table 4, this version of the table A. 4); -- -- -- Increased by 28 mnsib technical requirements (see appendix B and appendix C). Annex A and annex B of this standard is A normative appendix, appendix C is informative appendices. This standard put forward by the China iron and steel association. This standard by the national standardization technical committee under centralized steel. This standard main drafting unit: jiangyin special steel ,,,:,,,,,:GB / t1222 - 1975,GB / 22-1984  
Description:This standard stimulates the hot rolling, forging, cold drawn spring steel order content, size, shape, weight and allowable deviation, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules, packaging, logo and certificate of quality.
this standard applies to spring steel or length is not more than 100 mm in diameter round steel and square steel, thickness is not more than 40 mm spring steel flat steel, spring steel wire rod is not more than 25 mm in diameter.
grade with the provisions of this standard and chemical composition of steel Ingot, billet and its products.  
Cross References:,,,,
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Tile in English:  Spring steels

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