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GB/T 12763.7-2007 The specifications for oceanographic survey - Part 7: Exchange of oceanographic survey data

Standard Number:  GB/T 12763.7-2007
Title:  The specifications for oceanographic survey - Part 7: Exchange of oceanographic survey data
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2007/8/13
Execute Date:  2008/2/1
Status:  Current
Standard Type:  Method
International Classification for Standards (ICS)MATHEMATICS. NATURAL SCIENCES>>Geology. Meteorology. Hydrology
CCS Classification for Standardscomprehensive>>Basic subjects>>oceanography
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:123  

Preface: GB/T12763 Marine survey specification is divided into 11 parts: - part 1: general provisions; - part 2: Marine hydrology observation; - part 3: Marine meteorological observation; - part 4: seawater chemical elements survey; - part 5: ocean acoustic, optical elements survey; -- -- -- Part 6: Marine biological survey; - part 7: oceanographic data exchange; - part 8: Marine geological and geophysical survey; - part 9: Marine ecological survey guidelines; - part 10: underwater topography survey; - part 11: Marine engineering geology. Among them 9 department Points, part 10 and 11 parts corresponding to the GB/T12763-1991 is a new part. Part of the GB/T12763 part 7, instead of GB/T12763.7-1991 "ocean survey specification Part 7: ocean survey data processing. This section with the GB/T1276 Compared with the main changes are as follows: 3.71991 - the contents of all kinds of investigation data processing to the corresponding section, some other basic data processing in this part of the specified in appendix A (in 1991 version of the article 6, the appendix A of this edition); - increases the oceanographic data file naming rules (see 4.4) ; - increased the regulation of Marine survey data metadata (see chapter 5). - increases the CTD, BT, drifting buoy, air flow, water level and water color, transparency, the provisions of the glow sea observation data format (see chapter 6); - changes the Marine meteorological observation data, surface meteorological observation of two consecutive Format into a format (1991 edition of the 9.1; this version 7.1); - changes the water chemical element data format, increase the dissolved oxygen saturation, chloride, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus and total nitrogen, cancelled the fluorine chemical elements (in 1991 version 8.1; this version of chapter 8). - increase The sea radial brightness survey data (see 9.7); - the sound and light elements observed acoustic range and the spectral range set by fixed set into alternative (see chapter 9). - increases the survey data of fish eggs, larvae, intertidal biological survey data, determination of biological data (see chapter 10); Modified the chlorophyll - And investigation data of primary productivity, plankton survey data to the investigation data of phytoplankton and zooplankton survey data (version 14.1, 14.3 in 1991, this version of the 10.1, 10.2, 10.4 and 10.1). - this version of the seabed sediment survey data in voyage and positioning information Information is adjusted for unified voyage information table (1), voyage information table (2) and positioning information table (1991 edition of chapter 12, this version of the 11.1); - increases the multi-beam bathymetric survey data (see 11.2.2); - this version of the geophysical data format is in MGD77 international documents Based on the change the format. MGD77 (MARINEGEOPHYSICALDATA) format is refers to the 1977 in the United States NGDC (NationalGeophysicalDataCenter) by the 24 members of the geophysical data management (including academia, government, and production Members of the industry and foreign) of Marine geophysical data formats working group established Marine geophysical interchange format, including depth, magnetic and gravity data exchange format, after many years of application and adjustment, has been confirmed by the IOC as an international common format of data exchange. Adjust the geophysical survey data according to the format of the part Information, gravity and magnetic data can be divided into two kinds of data format, gravity data in increasing the bouguer anomaly to the geomagnetic data of the ship magnetic correction data such as (1991 edition of the chapter 13; this version 11.3); - increases the shallow ocean survey data (see 11.3.3); - increase the Marine meteorological base This feature calculation formula (see appendix A); - changes the water formula of the basic features (see appendix A); - deletes the 1991 version of the appendix the wave spectrum estimation, etc. This part of the appendix B for the normative appendix, appendix A for informative appendices. This part put forward by the state oceanic administration. This section by the state Marine standard metrological center under centralized. This part of the national Marine information center is responsible for the drafting, the north sea branch of state oceanic administration to participate in the drafting. This part of the main draftsmen: Zhang Yijun, wen-jing fan, LuoJing new, Guo Feng righteousness, Zhou Yan mofa, Thomas cheung, Wang Binliang, based, Wang Huiyang, zhi-min wang, Qiu Li. This section instead of the standard all previous versions Issued by: GB/T12763.7-1991.  
Description:Basic key elements of the provisions of this part of the ocean environment investigation content and format of an exchange of information, and part of the investigation of hydrometeorological data processing of the basic method and requirements.  
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Tile in English:  The specifications for oceanographic survey - Part 7: Exchange of oceanographic survey data

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