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GB/T 1576-2008 Water quality for industrial boilers

Standard Number:  GB/T 1576-2008
Title:  Water quality for industrial boilers
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2008/9/26
Execute Date:  2009/3/1
Adopted International Standard:  DL/T 502.1;DL/T 502.25;GB/T 12145;GB/T 12151;GB/T 12152;GB/T 12157;GB/T 15453;GB/T 601;GB/T 603;GB/T 6682;GB/T 6903;GB/T 6904;GB/T 6907;GB/T 6908;GB/T 6909;GB/T 6913
Standard Type:  Safety
International Classification for Standards (ICS)
ENERGY AND HEAT TRANSFER ENGINEERING>>Burners. Boilers>>Boilers and heat exchangers
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:29  

Preface: Preface this standard instead of GB1576-2001 "industrial boiler water quality". Compared this standard with the GB1576-2001 main changes are as follows: according to GB/T1.1-2000 "the standardization work guide, part 1: the structure of the standard and write rules require writing, add up to discuss? specification Sexual reference file? Terms and definitions; - by compulsory standards revision for the voluntary standards; - rated scope to expand export boiler steam pressure is less than 3.8 MPA, and provisions of this standard does not apply to aluminum manufacturing boiler; - valid number is defined for all indicators; - will be suspended The modified to measure turbidity; - the upper limit is defined for feed water PH value; - increases the pan of water phenolphthalein basicity index; - steam boiler and soda dual-use boiler increased in addition to salt water as make-up water about the control and feed water conductivity; - to expand the pure use of pan dosing treatment scope; - - changed the note of each table and footnotes; - changes the hot water boiler water quality indicator; - changes the tubular and dc steam boiler water quality index; - increases the make-up water quality; - increased water quality; - changed the appendix. The appendix of this international standard, the appendix, appendix, appendix, appendix, appendix, The appendix, the appendix H and annex I to normative appendix. This standard by the national boiler pressure vessel standardization technical committee (SAC/TC262) and focal points are put forward. This standard drafting unit: the Chinese association of boiler water treatment. Main drafter of this standard: Yang Lin, arrogance ling wang, Shen Yuanling, zhou, Lu Lifang, Deng Hongkang, Hu Yuexin , shao-hua jiang, YaoShuQin. This standard replaced all previous releases of standard is: the GB1576-1979? GB1576-1985? GB1576-1996? GB1576-2001?   
Description:The provisions of this standard for industrial boiler water quality standards at runtime.
this standard applies to the rated outlet steam pressure is less than 3.8 mpa, with water as the medium of stationary steam boiler and soda dual-use boilers,
also applies to the fixed pressure hot water boiler with water as medium and atmospheric pressure hot water boiler.
this standard does not apply to aluminum manufacturing boiler.  
Cross References:
GB/T 601;
GB/T 603;
GB/T 6682;
GB/T 6903;
GB/T 6904;
GB/T 6907;
GB/T 6908;
GB/T 6909;
GB/T 6913;
GB/T 12145;
GB/T 12151;
GB/T 12152;
GB/T 12157;
GB/T 15453;
DL/T 502.1;
DL/T 502.25
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File Size:  205KB
Tile in English:  Water quality for industrial boilers

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