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GB/T 16750-2008 Electrical submersible pump units

Standard Number:  GB/T 16750-2008
Title:  Electrical submersible pump units
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2008/8/28
Execute Date:  2009/3/1
Revocatory Date:  2016/4/1
Adopted International Standard:  GB 1094.1;GB 1094.2;GB 1094.3;GB 1094.5;GB 12668.3;GB 3836.1;GB 3836.3;GB/T 12668.1;GB/T 12668.2;GB/T 12668.4;GB/T 14549;GB/T 17389;GB/T 18050;GB/T 18051-2000 Tests of electric submersible pump system vibration;GB/T 191;GB/T 2900.1;GB/T 2900.15;GB/T 2900.25;GB/T 3797-2005 Electrical control assemblies;GB/T 6451;GB/T 8423;JB/T 5331;SY/T
Standard Type:  Product
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:65  

Description:Instead of this standard gb/t16750.1-1997 "esp unit type, basic parameter and the connection size", gb/t16750.2-1997 "the esp unit technical conditions", gb/t16750.3-1997 "the esp unit test method" and gb/t14816-1993 "Wells with submersible three-phase asynchronous motor is general technical conditions". This standard specifies the esp unit Type, basic parameters, technical requirements, the assembly requirements, test methods and logo, packaging, transportation and storage. This standard is suitable for the esp design, manufacture, test and acceptance of the unit. This standard and gb/t16750.1 ~ 1675 0.3-1997 and gb/t14816-1997 compared to basically has the following change:
a) in gb/t16750.1-1997
- - "the oil and gas separator" renamed "suction and processing device", is divided into "suction", "separator" and "gas processor" three forms, and has carried on the requirements;
- deletes the pump, the suction and processing equipment, protector, motor up and down Joint connection size requirements;
- deletes the pump barrel diameter size and guide shell outer diameter size requirements;
--, revised the pump, the suction and processing equipment, protector, motor, cables, transformers, control cabinet model representation method;
- the division of revised the esp unit applicable temperature, remove the "50 ℃ (d)", an increase of 180 ℃ (g);
--, revised the unit and the ministries Some basic parameters.
b) on the gb/t16750.2-1997
- revised "environmental factors" of the downhole working conditions and the corresponding indexes, delete the "moisture", change the "pit slope" to "whole Angle rate of change", at the same time increased the "corrosive gas" and "scale" two;
- deletes the esp operation index;
--, and revised the motor on the ground Insulation resistance value, changed from omega 500 m to 500 m omega.
- revised the motor insulation class and the highest working temperature;
--, for different types of the mechanical loss of protector, respectively;
- revised the pump displacement tolerance, tolerance, tolerance and head pump efficiency increased the shaft power tolerance requirements;
- in the original standard test precision grade for class b and class c, corresponding to This standard for level 1 and level 2;
-- "controller" can be divided into "fixed frequency control cabinet" and "frequency conversion control cabinet", and an increase in "frequency conversion control cabinet" technical requirements; "
- deletes the appendix a of pump performance due to the correction coefficient of viscosity change";
--, revised the submersible cable standard method for calculating the insulation resistance.
c) in gb/t16750.3-1997
- revision The submersible pump inspection results of two methods.
--, revised the fixed frequency control cabinet of simulation run test method, the calculation method of three phase current display error.
d) on the gb/t14816-1993
--, revised the motor model representation;
-- delete the connection size of the motor;
-- delete the motor "underground work environment conditions, the relevant content on the dive Oil pumps unit "downhole working conditions;
--, and revised the motor and the insulation resistance, changed from omega 500 m to 500 m omega.
--, revised the motor performance parameters;
- revised the motor insulation class and the highest working temperature;
- deletes the appendix a "seal protector basic technical requirements", the relevant content on the corresponding provisions; < b R > -- delete the appendix b "submersible motor insulation structure oil/water resistance test method".
e) increased the terms and definitions;
f) increased the pump, the suction and processing equipment, protector, motor characteristic code;
g) increased by 143 series motor, 185/188 series, 172 series pump technical requirements;
h) increases the motor winding insulation resistance temperature correction coefficient;
I) increased the lowest cable insulation resistance calculation and the insulation resistance of constants;
j) increased the cable dc withstand voltage test values;
k) increased the cable head of dc withstand voltage test values;
l) increase the cable conductor dc resistance standard 20 ℃;
m) to increase the temperature rating for the selected material when the cable design;
n) increased the cable chlorosulfonated polyethylene The technical requirement of sheath and lead sheath;
o) increased the polyimide  f46 composite membrane technology requirements;
p) increases the fep technical requirements;
q) increased the submersible motor, motor protector, suction and processing equipment, submersible pump, cable, control cabinet and transformer transport requirement;
r) added "esp's special terminal box" model, basic parameters, technical requirements and test methods ;
s) increased its performance test method of frequency conversion control cabinet;
t) increases the informative appendices "lowest common cable insulation resistance" (see appendix b).  
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Catalog: Preface Ⅴ range 1 2 normative reference file 1 2 3 terms and definitions of 4 types and 2, 4.1 the unit 2 4.4.1 esp type 2 4.1.2 model representation method 4 4.1.3 applicable temperature 4 4.1.4 series esp 4 4. 4 2 2 motor type 4 4.2.2 representation 5 4.3 protector 5 4.3.1 type 5 4.3.2 model representation 4.4 suction and processing unit 5 4.4.1 type 5 4.4.2 model representation 4.5 6 6 4.5.1 model representation 4.5.2 of pump outlet connector choose 6 4.6 cable shape feature 4.6.1 code 6 4.6.2 insulating material code 4.6.3 sheath (including inner sheath) 6 4.6.4 armoured sheath material code number 7 4.6.5 representation 7 transformer 4.7 7 4.7.1 type 4.7.2 model representation 7 July 7 4.7.4 additional winding 7 4.8 4.7.3 voltage control cabinet 8 4.8.1 type 8 4.8.2 model representation method 4.9 Box 8 4.9.1 type 8 4.9.2 model representation method 5 demands 5.1 esp unit 8 8 8 8 5.1.2 5.1.1 downhole working conditions ground environment conditions 9 5.2 parts require 9 9 5.2.2 5.2.1 motor insurance Protective device 11 11 5.2.4 pump suction and processing device 11 5.2.5 5.2.3 requires 20 5.2.8 13 19 5.2.7 5.2.6 transformer control cabinet cable junction box 5.3 vibration testing 21 June 21 21 6.1 test methods and inspection rules Test method for 21 6.1.1 instrument, instrument selection request 21 21 also 6.1.3 6.1.2 motor protector 31 6.1.4 unit 31 6.1.5 esp cable 37 6.1.6 cable head 45 6.1.8 44 6.1.7 transformer Fixed frequency 50 6.1.9 frequency conversion control cabinet that 52 6.1.10 junction box 52 inspection rules 52 6.3 6.2 52 52 6.3.2 6.3.1 motor protector 53 6.3.3 53 53 6.3.4 pump suction and processing equipment 53 6.3.7 6.3.5 cable 53 6.3.6 transformer control cabinet 53 53 53 6.5 6.4 pattern examination premise 6.3.8 junction box type 54 tactical fix packs for 6.5.2 inspection item 54 6.5.1 motor protector 6.5.3 inhalation and 54 Processing plant 54 6.5.4 pump 54 6.5.5 cable 54 54 6.5.7 6.5.6 transformer control cabinet 54 6.5.8 sampling 54 7 marks, protection, transportation and storage of 54 7.1 54 7.1.1 and 7.1.2 motor nameplates Protector nameplate 55 7.1.3 suction and 55 7.1.4 pump nameplate 55 7.1.5 cable processing equipment nameplate nameplate 55 55 7.1.7 control cabinet 7.1.6 transformer nameplate nameplate 56 protective 56 transportation 56 7.4 7.3 7.2 56 attached storage (informative appendices) recorded A conventional esp 57 appendix B for calculating maximum axial projection length unit (informative appendices) commonly used cable insulation resistance lowest 58  
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Tile in English:  Electrical submersible pump units

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