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GB/T 16984-2008 Raw hemp

Standard Number:  GB/T 16984-2008
Title:  Raw hemp
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Replaced by Standard:  GB/T 16984-1997 Raw hemp

Replacing Standard:  GB/T 16984-1997 Raw hemp

Publication Date:  2008/8/7
Execute Date:  2008/12/1
Adopted International Standard:  GB 6529;GB/T 12411;GB/T 12945;GB/T 8170
Status:  Current
Standard Type:  Product
International Classification for Standards (ICS)TEXTILE AND LEATHER TECHNOLOGY>>Textile fibres>>Natural fibres
CCS Classification for Standardstextile>>Linen textile>>Linen textile composite
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:  

Description:This standard was first published in 1997, the revision for the first time. Instead of this standard gb/t16984-1997 "marijuana YuanMa". This standard stimulates the marijuana YuanMa technical requirements, test methods, inspection rule, packing, marking, transportation and storage.
this standard applies to after processing of marijuana bast stripping system, including water retting, dry peeling marijuana, fresh peel of marijuana, etc. This standard is mainly compared with gb/t16984-1997 Change is as follows:
a) normative reference file added gb6529, wet, wet and increase the preset test with standard atmosphere (chapter 7);
b) increased the fresh peel of marijuana (chapter 1 and 3.5) term, eliminates the cotton and ramie thread woven, Quebec, and the corresponding chapter related article (4.1.2, 4.5.3) such as
modify the related content, modify the spot defects English terms (3.6);
c) Increased the industrial use of marijuana (3.1);
d) modify and adjust the grading rules (4.1.2);
e) increased the "5 instruments and tools" (chapter 5);
f) the detailed sampling method (chapter 6);
g) modified "breaking strength index for" bundle fiber breaking strength "(4.1.2, 8.3);
h) calculation method, the male is modified Moisture regain and merged impurity rate calculation amount (chapter 10).  
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File Size:  998KB
Tile in English:  Raw hemp

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