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GB/T 1725-2007 Paints,varnishes and plastics - Determination of non-volatile-matter content

Standard Number:  GB/T 1725-2007
Title:  Paints,varnishes and plastics - Determination of non-volatile-matter content
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2007/9/11
Execute Date:  2008/4/1
Status:  Current
Standard Type:  Method
International Classification for Standards (ICS)PAINT AND COLOUR INDUSTRIES>>Paints and varnishes
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:  

Preface: Equivalent to this standard USES ISO3251:2003 "paint, varnish, and plastics not the determination of volatile matter content" (English version). Instead of this standard GB/T1725-1979 (1989) the coating solid content determination method, GB/T 6740-1986 Paint media--Determination of volatile and non-volatile matter "paint and varnish The determination of volatile and nonvolatile matter ". This standard and GB/T1725-1979 (1989), GB/T6740-1986 and GB/T6751-1986 as follows: the main technical differences - the standard of the content of the three standards Merger, and its applicable range also increased the polymer dispersions and polycondensation resin, etc. - some special rules for this standard sample test steps, and specifies the test parameters of samples of various categories. - this standard specifies the error range of the test result. This standard put forward by China petroleum and chemical industry association. This standard by the national Material and pigments standardization technical committee to review. This standard drafting unit: China national chemical construction corporation of changzhou coating chemical industry research institute. The main drafter of this standard: Zhou Xiangling, katty. GB/T1725 first published in 1979, 1989 confirmed; GB/T6740 first published in 1986 ; GB/T6751 first published in 1986. The three criteria for the revision for the first time. This standard to entrust the coating and paint standardization technical committee will be responsible for the explanation.   
Description:This standard stimulates the determination of paint, varnish, color paint and varnish used have been such as phenolic resin, polymer dispersion and polycondensation resin (fusible phenolic, linear phenolic resin, etc.) of volatile matter content method.
this standard applies to contain pigments, fillers and other additives (such as thickening agent and film-forming agent) dispersions.
this standard can also be used to not plasticized polymer dispersions and latex, the non-volatile residues under the test conditions shall be chemical stability. The incremental Plastic samples, non-volatile residues usually include plasticizer.  
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Tile in English:  Paints,varnishes and plastics - Determination of non-volatile-matter content

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