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GB/T 18162-2008 Specifications of amusement rids fairy racing category

Standard Number:  GB/T 18162-2008
Title:  Specifications of amusement rids fairy racing category
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2008/11/12
Execute Date:  2009/5/1
Status:  Current
Standard Type:  Product
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:12  

Preface: Replace this standard GB 18162-2000 "racing association general technical conditions", this standard and GB 18162-18162 "racing association general technical conditions", compared to the main changes are as follows: --, chapter 1 "scope" increased car design, manufacture, installation, alteration, repair and test , inspection and use management; - - - the original chapter 3 "technical requirements" revised "basic design rules for chapter 4 added design should consider all kinds of load; Increase the design and calculation, including stress, stiffness calculation and fatigue strength, etc.; -- "security device" chapter 10 main increase safety sign setting; 1 -- - Chapter 1 "electric", mainly to increase the electrical system requirements; Increased use of battery standard; Manufacturing and installation --, chapter 12 ", "main increased manufacturing and installation requirements; --, chapter 13 "test method", mainly to increase the overload operation test; -- "inspection rules" in chapter 14, increased three major Heavy defects of products: car driver and transmission parts without cover; Seat belts do not conform to the requirements; Gasoline engine fuel tank sealing is not good, there is leakage phenomenon; - increases the appendix A (normative appendix) about "important shaft, pin" and "important weld". Annex A is normative appendix of this national standard. This standard by the national cableway, Amusement and recreation facilities standardization technical committee proposed and focal points. This standard is responsible for drafting unit: the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, China special equipment inspection institute, the national standardization technical committee cableway, amusement and recreation facilities. In this standard drafting unit: guilin bureau of quality and technical supervision, zhejiang province quality technology Supervising bureau. Main drafter of this standard: hubei standing army, Dong Zhaolong, Liao Jianqiu, Zhao Xingang. This standard replaced all previous releases of standard for: - to GB 18162-18162.   
Description:This standard stimulates the racing association general technical conditions and technical requirements.
this standard applies to the car class amusement machine design, manufacture, installation, alteration, maintenance, testing, inspection and use management.  
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GB14621 ()
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Tile in English:  Specifications of amusement rids fairy racing category

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