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GB/T 18233-2000 Information technology--Generic cablingfor cust-omer premises

Standard Number:  GB/T 18233-2000
Title:  Information technology--Generic cablingfor cust-omer premises
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Replaced by Standard:  GB/T 18233-2008

Publication Date:  2000/10/17
Execute Date:  2001/8/1
Revocatory Date:  2009/1/1
Standard Type:  Method
International Classification for Standards (ICS)INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. OFFICE MACHINES>>Interface and interconnection equipment
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:79  

Description:This standard stimulates the buildings using general cable, a towering buildings buildings may be composed of the park or more towering buildings. This standard is the most suitable complex is the biggest span of 3000 meters, 1000000 square meters of office space, between 50 and 50000 employees. To be outside the scope of the installation, it is recommended to use the principle of this standard. The standard definition of cable supports a wide range of services, including voice, data, text, images, and video . General provisions of this standard: a) the structure of the cable and the minimum configuration; B) implementation requirements; C) paragraphs cable link performance requirements; D) the consistency requirements and verification procedures. Although security (electrical, fire protection, etc.) and the requirements of electromagnetic compatibility (emc) is beyond the scope of this standard, and is covered by other standards and regulations, but the information given in this standard, may help to meet these requirements.  
Cross References:
ISO/IEC 11801-1995,
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File Size:  519KB
Tile in English:  Information technology--Generic cablingfor cust-omer premises

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