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GB/T 23444-2009 Metal and metal-composite ceilings

Standard Number:  GB/T 23444-2009
Title:  Metal and metal-composite ceilings
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2009/3/25
Execute Date:  2010/1/1
Status:  Current
Standard Type:  Product
International Classification for Standards (ICS)CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND BUILDING>>Elements of buildings
CCS Classification for StandardsBuilding materials>>Components and equipment>>Metal components
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:24  

Preface: This standard and EN13964:2004 "the ceiling - requirements and test methods" and the European association of metal ceiling board industry technology standard TAIM E.V.N ovember2003 consistency degree of metal ceiling technology handbook for the equivalent. The appendix A of this international standard as the normative appendix, appendix B for information The appendix. This standard put forward by China building materials association. This standard by the national light and decoration building materials standardization technical committee (SAC/TC195) under centralized. This standard is responsible for drafting unit: China building materials inspection certification center, national building materials test center. In this standard drafting unit: hunter Glass industry (China) co., LTD., Hong Kong international (group) co., LTD., metallocene building materials co., LTD., guangzhou liwan district in foshan city golden LuKao o bully decoration materials plant, Shanghai decorative material co., LTD., lindner new building materials (taicang) co., LTD., red island industrial co., LTD., foshan, shunde district, foshan city, the south China sea lion Dragon decorative metal products co., LTD., lg, shunde district, fo shan city, building decoration materials, building materials co., LTD., guangzhou co., LTD., tianjin geil building materials co., LTD, gold cast aluminium (Beijing) co., LTD., guangzhou Compton to Gao Jiancai co., LTD., zhejiang emperor dragon new materials co., LTD., wuxi huambo coating chemical industry co., LTD., zhao Celebrating Jin Sanli machinery building materials co., LTD., shenyang crape myrtle mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD., xi 'an to flying days Macao metal building materials co., LTD., guangzhou di Gao Jiancai co., LTD, guangdong guang hong ChengJianCai in aluminium co., LTD., co., LTD. Main drafter of this standard: Jiang Quan, ms liu, Liu Yi, xiao-peng xu, Liu Yujun, chun-zhi zhao, s miseth o. this Standard is published for the first time.  
Description:This standard stimulates the metal and metal composite ceiling board of terms and definitions, classification code, grading and marker, raw materials, requirements, test methods, inspection rule, mark, packing, transportation, storage and accompanying documents.
this standard is applicable to building decoration with ceiling plate.  
Cross References:GB/T191 (GB/T191—2008,ISO780:1997,MOD)
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GB/T11186.2   (GB/T 11186.2—1989,eqvISO7724.2:1984)  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  702KB
Tile in English:  Metal and metal-composite ceilings

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