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GB/T 23661-2009 Rubber building structural gaskets

Standard Number:  GB/T 23661-2009
Title:  Rubber building structural gaskets
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2009/4/24
Execute Date:  2009/12/1
Status:  Current
Standard Type:  Product
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:16  

Preface: Corresponding to this standard ISO5892:1981 "construction rubber gasket - preforming close-grained sulfide structure of gasket materials - code, this standard and ISO5892:1981 degree of consistency is not equivalent. The appendix A of this international standard, appendix B for normative appendix, appendix C for informative appendices. This standard put forward by China petroleum and chemical industry association. This standard by the national rubber and rubber products standardization technical committee seal products technical committee (SAC/TC35 / SC3) under centralized. This standard drafting unit: jiangyin haida rubber and plastic co., LTD., northwest rubber plastics research and design institute. This standard main draftsman : Gu Huijuan, Gao Jingru, Cao Yuanli, Peng Xun.  
Description:This standard stimulates the architectural structure of rubber gasket (hereinafter referred to as the gasket) requirements, test methods and marks, packaging and storage. This standard applies to the structure of preform is close-grained sulfide gasket, article shall not apply to sealed within the building door window frame and glass sealing strip.  
Cross References:,,,,
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Tile in English:  Rubber building structural gaskets

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