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JIS A 1454-2010 test methods -- resilient floorcoverings

Standard Number:  JIS A 1454-2010
Title:  test methods -- resilient floorcoverings
Language:  Japanese
Replaced by Standard:  JIS A 1454-2005

Replacing Standard:  JIS A 1454:2005

Publication Date:  2010/10/20
Execute Date:  2010/10/20
Status:  Current
Publisher:  Japanese Standards Association (JSA JIS)
Number of Pages:96P.;A4  

Description:This Standard specifies the test methods for resilient floor coverings such as vinyl floor coverings, linoleum floor coverings, rubber floor coverings, poly olefin floor coverings used mainly for building floors.  
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Testing items
5 Common matters
6 Dimensions of floor tile
7 Squareness of floor tile
8 Dimensions of floor sheet
9 Indentation test
10 Residual indentation test
11 Dimensional stability after exposure to heat
12 Dimensional stability after immersion in water
13 Test of thermal expansion coefficient
14 Curling test
15 Stain resistance test
16 Colour fastness test
17 Slip resistance test
18 Abrasion resistance test
19 Flameproof test
20 Peel resistance test
21 Caster resistance test
22 Flexibility test
23 Electric characteristic test
24 VOC test
25 Density
26 Test report
Annex JA (informative) - Comparison table between JIS
and the corresponding International Standard
Annex JB (informative) - Comparison table between
previous and current editions of this Standard
on technically significant revisions  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  570KB
Tile in English:  test methods -- resilient floorcoverings

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