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GB/T 4009-2008 Chromium silicon

Standard Number:  GB/T 4009-2008
Title:  Chromium silicon
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Replaced by Standard:  GB/T 4009-1989 Chromium silicon

Replacing Standard:  GB/T 4009-1989 Chromium silicon

Publication Date:  2008/8/5
Execute Date:  2009/4/1
Status:  Current
Standard Type:  Product
International Classification for Standards (ICS)METALLURGY>>Ferroalloys
CCS Classification for Standardsmetallurgical>>Iron and steel products>>ferroalloy
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:12  

Preface: To modify this standard USES ISO5449:1980 "silicon chromium alloy - specifications and delivery conditions" (English version). According to this standard ISO5449:1980 draft again. In order to facilitate comparison, listed in appendix A of this standard article chapter number and ISO5449: article 1980 chapter number in contrast Table. Considering the situation of our country, in this standard USES ISO5449:1980 modified. These technical differences with the vertical single identification in their involved in the margin of the terms. Technical difference and its reason are given in appendix B of the schedule for your reference. For ease of use, for ISO5449:1 980, the standard also made the following editorial changes: the word - will this international standard to this standard; - with a decimal point. A comma, instead of as a decimal point; The preface of - delete ISO5449:1980. Instead of this standard GB/T 4009-1989 Chromium silicon silicon chromium alloy. With this standard GB/T 4009-1989 Chromium silicon, the main changes are as follows: - increases the standard introduction; - increases the normative reference files; - adjust the group number of forms of expression; - increases the annex A and annex B. The appendix A of this international standard and appendix B for informative appendices. This standard by the China steel Iron industry association. This standard by the national iron and iron alloy standardization technical committee to review. This standard drafting unit: sinosteel jilin ferroalloy co., LTD., information standards institute of metallurgy industry. Main drafter of this standard: Wang Shuang, zhi-guo cheng, Zhang Ruixiang. All previous releases of this standard replaced standards as follows: ---GB/T4009-1983GB/T 4009-1989 Chromium silicon  
Description:This standard instead of gb/t 4009-1989, silicon chromium alloys.
this standard specifies the technical requirements of sicr, test method, inspection rules as well as the packaging, storage and transportation, mark and quality certificate.
when this standard is suitable for steel making and casting as a reducing agent and alloy agent, when the refined ferrochrome silicon chromium alloy as a reducing agent.
this standard compared with gb/t 4009-1989, the main changes are as follows:
- increases the standard introduction;
- increases the normative reference files;
- adjusted the group number of forms of expression;
- increased annex a and annex b.  
Cross References:,(),,,
GB/T4010 (GB/T4010—1994,NEQISO4552:1987)
GB/T4699.2   (GB/T4699.2—2008,ISO4140:1979,MOD)

GB/T5687.2   (GB/T5687.2—2007,ISO4158:1978,MOD)
GB/T13247 (GB/T13247—1991,NEQISO4551:1987)  
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File Size:  434KB
Tile in English:  Chromium silicon

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