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GB/T 8488-2008 Acid resisting bricks and tiles

Standard Number:  GB/T 8488-2008
Title:  Acid resisting bricks and tiles
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2008/9/18
Execute Date:  2009/5/1
Adopted International Standard:  JIS R1535:1991
Status:  Current
Standard Type:  Product
International Classification for Standards (ICS)GLASS AND CERAMICS INDUSTRIES>>Ceramics>>Advanced ceramics
CCS Classification for StandardsBuilding materials>>Ceramics, glass>>Special ceramics
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:16  

Preface: This international standard and Japanese standard JISR1535-1991 (1998) the consistency of the chemical industry with acid resistant ceramic tile is not equivalent. Instead of this standard GB/T8488-2001 "acid-proof brick". The standard of GB/T8488-2001 content, made the following modification: - specifications of brick Shape as a supplement, flat brick added 200 MM * 200 MM and 300 MM * 200 MM two specifications. Appendix A of this standard for informative appendices. This standard put forward by the national association of building materials. This standard by the national standardization technical committee (SAC/TC194) industrial ceramics The focal points. This standard by the shandong industrial ceramics research and design institute, the high and new material co., LTD. Is responsible for drafting. Main units: this standard pingxiang industrial ceramic industrial development co., LTD., yangquan city, acid-resistant ceramics co., LTD., henan dragon ceramics co., LTD. Main drafter of this standard: li dongsheng told, Lv Yangong, JiaoWenQing, Yuan Jifa, Han Naigong, wang ning, Shen Shuai ice, hai-yang wang, Hou Xiaogang. This standard was first published in 1987, in 2001 the first revision.  
Description:This standard was first published in 1987, in 2001 the first revision.
this standard and Japanese standard jis r (1998) 1535-1991 degree of consistency of the chemical industry with acid resistant ceramic tile is not equivalent.
instead of this standard gb/t 8488-2001 "the acid-proof brick".
this standard stimulates the acid-proof brick of terms and definitions, classification and marking, technical requirements, test methods, inspection rules Then, marks, packaging, transport and storage.
this standard applies to corrosion resistant lining and acid-proof brick plate used in the ground. Other special products can be reference standards.
the content of the standard of gb/t 8488-8488, made the following modification:
- to make the supplement of the specifications of the brick shape, flat brick added 200 mm * 200 mm and 300 mm * 200 mm two specifications.  
Cross References:
JIS R1535-1991(1998),
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Tile in English:  Acid resisting bricks and tiles

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