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GB/T 9174-2008 General specification for transport packages of general cargo

Standard Number:  GB/T 9174-2008
Title:  General specification for transport packages of general cargo
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2008/7/18
Execute Date:  2009/1/1
Adopted International Standard:  GB 13252;GB 9774;GB/T 12464;GB/T 13201;GB/T 13508;GB/T 13757;GB/T 16471;GB/T 17343;GB/T 18924;GB/T 18925;GB/T 191;GB/T 325;GB/T 4857;GB/T 4892;GB/T 6543;GB/T 6544;GB/T 6980;GB/T 7284;GB/T 731;GB/T 732;GB/T 8946;GB/T 8947
Status:  Current
Standard Type:  Generalites
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:  

Preface: Instead of this standard GB/T9174-1988 general technical conditions "on the packing of general cargo transport. This standard and GB/T9174-1988 compared with the main changes are as follows: - cancelled product packaging shall meet the technical requirements of this standard (1.1 1988); Cancelled - The transport of goods packaging should be approved by the state quality inspection departments in the supervision and inspection test results of evaluation is put forward, and gradually implement certification system (the 1988 edition of the chapter 2); - increases the normative reference file chapter; - increased the cylindrical, bag size requirements, as well as transport packaging size and quality limit (this version 3.9, 3.9, 3.10); - change the table 1 to terms and conditions, and do the corresponding modification; - changes the part of the unit of measurement; - increases the quality of under 140 kg package should facilitate human homework; Quality in 140 kg to 1500 kg of cargo should facilitate forklift operation, and in the package Marked on the center of gravity position of goods; Quality in more than 1500 kg of cargo, should facilitate the crane operations, and center of gravity and the lifting position marked goods (this version 3.13); - changes the performance test (chapter 6) this edition. This standard put forward by the national packaging standardization technology committee and focal points. This standard drafting unit Giant: shenzhen hing industrial co., LTD., standard metrology institute of the ministry of railways. Main drafter of this standard: config-ext-qq, Zhang Jin, LanShuMei, Su Xuefeng, zhi-gang bai. This standard replaced all previous releases of standard: GB/T9174-1988.   
Description:This standard specifies the general requirements for general cargo transport packaging, type, technical requirements and performance test for the identification of inspection.
this standard applies to railway, highway, water transport, air transport of general cargo transport packaging. Does not include the transport of dangerous goods, fresh perishable goods packaging.  
Cross References:,(),,,
GB/T191 (GB/T 191-2008 Packaging - Pictorial marking for handling of goods,ISO 780-1997 Packaging - Pictorial marking for handling of goods,MOD)
GB/T12464 (GB/T 12464-2002 Wooden boxes,JISZ1402:1999,NEQ)
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Tile in English:  General specification for transport packages of general cargo

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