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GB/T 9846.1-2004 Plywood--Part 1:Classification

Standard Number:  GB/T 9846.1-2004
Title:  Plywood--Part 1:Classification
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2004/6/22
Execute Date:  2004/9/15
Revocatory Date:  2015/11/2
Adopted International Standard:  ISO 1096-1999 Plywood - Classification
Standard Type:  Generalites
International Classification for Standards (ICS)WOOD TECHNOLOGY>>Wood-based panels>>Plywood
CCS Classification for StandardsAgriculture, forestry,>>forestry>>Man-made board
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:  

Preface: GB/T9846 plywood is divided into eight parts: - part 1: classification (instead of GB/T9846.1-1988); - part 2: size tolerance (instead of GB/T9846.3-1988); General technical conditions - part 3: ordinary plywood (GB/T9846 instead. 4-1988 and GB/T13009-1991); - part 4: ordinary plywood appearance grading technical conditions (instead of GB/T9846.5-1988); - part 5: ordinary plywood inspection rules (instead of GB/T9846.6-1988 and GB/T9846.8-1 988); - part 6: ordinary plywood signs, labels and packaging (instead of GB/T9846.7-1988); - part 7: specimens of sawing system (instead of GB/T9846.9-1988); - part 8: measurement of specimen size (GB/T 9846.10-1988 Plywood--Determination of dimensions of test specimens instead ). This part is divided into GB/T9846 "plywood" part 1. Modify this section USES ISO1096:1999 "classification of plywood - (second edition), 1999, and GB/T9846.1-1988" classification of plywood to revise. This section and ISO1096:1999 On the technical content increased compared to 2.4 points, according to the use to fit the actual situation in our country. Since the date of implementation of this section, instead of GB/T9846.1-1988. Since the date of implementation of the GB/T9846-2004, G T9846.2-1988, GB/T 9846.11-1988 Plywood--Determination of moisture content are hereby nullified. This section is put forward by the state forestry administration. This part of the national man-made board standardization technical committee to review. This section is responsible for drafting unit: China academy of forestry science research institute of wood industry. This section to participate in the drafting unit: Shanghai research institute of wood industry, Shanghai fortuna's ( Wood) enterprise co., LTD., nanhai hua guang decorative plate co., LTD., everbright wood industry (shenzhen) co., LTD., state-run songjiang plywood factory, Shanghai united wood industry co., LTD., dongguan caly wood industry co., LTD., Shanghai lujie wood industry co., LTD. This part of the main draftsmen: Cao Zhongrong, Zhang Ying red, Kang Xi, Feng Tongchang, lehmann m. sustainability Dan, xiao-xiu li, key, Peng Donghua, Gu Yan.  
Description:This part of gb/t9846 rules for the classification of all kinds of plywood. This section applies to all kinds of plywood.  
Cross References:
ISO 1096-1999,
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Tile in English:  Plywood--Part 1:Classification

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