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BS 5975-1996 code of practice for falsework

Standard Number:  BS 5975-1996
Title:  code of practice for falsework
Language:  English
Replaced by Standard:  BS 5975-2008+A1-2011

Publication Date:  1996/3/15
Execute Date:  1996/1/1
Adopted International Standard:  BS 449-2:1969, BS 648:1964, BS 1139-1.1:1990, BS 1139-2.1:1991, BS 1139-2.2:1991, BS 1377-1:1990, BS 1377-2:1990, BS 1377-3:1990, BS 1377-4:1990, BS 1377-5:1990, BS 1377-6:1990, BS 1377-7:1990, BS 1377-8:1990, BS 1377-9:1990, BS 1881-115:1986, BS 1881-116:1983, BS 1881-117:1983, BS 1881-118:1983, BS 1881-119:1983, BS 1881-120:1983, BS 4074:1982, BS 4471:1987, BS 4604-1:1970, BS 4604-2:1970, BS 4848-2:1991, BS 4978:1988, BS 5135:1984, BS 5268-2:1991, BS 5507-1:1977, BS 5507-3:1982, BS 5628-1:1992, BS 5628-2:1995, BS 5930:1981, BS 5973:1993, BS 6399-1:1996, BS 8004:1986, BS 8110-1:1985, BS 8110-2:1985, BS 8110-3:1985, BS 8118-1:1991, BS 8118-2:1991, BS EN 10025:1993, BS EN 10210-1:1994, CP 3:Chapter V-2:1972, BS 5400-1:1988, BS 5400-3:1982, BS 6031:1981, BS 6349-1:1984, BS 6349-7:1991, BS 7613:1994, BS 7668:1994, DD ENV 89:1993, BS EN 10029:1991, BS EN 10113-1:1993, BS EN 10113-2:1993, BS EN 10113-3:1993, BS EN 10137-1:1996, BS EN 10155:1993, IS 4651:Part III
Status:  withdrawn
International Classification for Standards (ICS)CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS AND BUILDING>>Construction equipment
Publisher:  British Standards
Number of Pages:150  

Preface:Falsework, Design, Building sites, Legislation, Erecting (construction operation), Maintenance, Loading, Foundations, Site investigations, Temporary structures, Supports, Visual inspection (testing), Structural steels, Steels, Mechanical properties of materials, Structural timber, Softwoods, Hardwoods, Strength of materials, Concretes, Structural members, Brickwork, Blocks (building), Scaffolding components, Struts, Props, Factor of safety, Girders, Traffic, Wind loading, Climatic loading, Soil testing, Soils, Field testing, Ground-water drainage, Structural systems, Structural design, Stress analysis, Stability, Independent scaffolds, Mobile scaffolds, Dimensions, Bending stress, Modulus of elasticity, Axial stress, Bailey bridges, Structural members, Fatigue, Beams, Density, Mass  
Description:Gives recommendations for the methods of design, erection and use of temporary structures used to support permanent structures until such time as the latter becomes self-supporting. Provides recommendations on the design of falsework using permissible stress methods and on procedures for the successful management of work on site, including the appointment of a falsework coordinator. BS EN 12812:2004 now exists in parallel with this standard and specifies performance requirements for the design of falsework in accordance with one of three classes: A, B1 and B2. Limit state design methods are specified for design classes B1 and B2. It does not provide guidance for the structural design of Class A. BS EN 12812:2004 does not provide guidance on procedures necessary for the successful management of work on site.  
Overview: BS 5975:2006 gives recommendations for the design use of falsework on construction sites. This code has drawn together all those aspects that need to be considered when preparing a falsework design, and in so doing has included recommendations for material, design and work on site. Because the success of falsework is closely tied up with its management, this code also describes procedures as well as technical aspects.    
Cross References:BS 449-2:1969; BS 648:1964; BS 1139-1.1:1990; BS 1139-2.1:1991; BS 1139-2.2:1991; BS 1377-1:1990; BS 1377-2:1990; BS 1377-3:1990; BS 1377-4:1990; BS 1377-5:1990; BS 1377-6:1990; BS 1377-7:1990; BS 1377-8:1990; BS 1377-9:1990; BS 1881-115:1986; BS 1881-11  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  906KB
Tile in English:  code of practice for falsework

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