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EN 10025-1-2004 hot rolled products of structural steels - part 1: general technical delivery conditions

Standard Number:  EN 10025-1-2004
Title:  hot rolled products of structural steels - part 1: general technical delivery conditions
Language:  English
Replacing Standard:  EN 10025-1990EN 10113-1-1993EN 10113-2-1993EN 10113-3-1993EN 10137-1-1995EN 10137-2-1995

Publication Date:  2004/11/10
Execute Date:  2004/11/10
Adopted International Standard:  SS EN 10025-1 Ed. 1 Hot Rolled Products Of Structural Steels - Part 1: General Technical Delivery Conditions (2004) Identical
UNE EN 10025-1-2006 Identical
UNI EN 10025-1-200
Status:  Current
Publisher:   European Standards(EN)
Number of Pages:36  

Description:Describes requirements for flat and long products of hot rolled structural steels excluding structural hollow sections and tubes.  
1 Scope
2 Normative references
2.1 General standards
2.2 Standards on dimensions and tolerances
2.3 Standards on testing
3 Terms and definitions
4 Classification and designation
4.1 Classification
4.1.1 Main quality classes
4.1.2 Grades and qualities
4.2 Designation
5 Information to be supplied by the purchaser
5.1 Mandatory information
5.2 Options
6 Manufacturing process
6.1 Steel making process
6.2 Deoxidation or grain size
6.3 Delivery conditions
7 Requirements
7.1 General
7.2 Chemical composition
7.3 Mechanical properties
7.3.1 General
7.3.2 Impact properties
7.3.3 Improved deformation properties
perpendicular to the surface
7.4 Technological properties
7.4.1 Weldability
7.4.2 Formability
7.4.3 Suitability for hot-dip zinc-coating
7.4.4 Machinability
7.5 Surface properties
7.6 Internal soundness
7.7 Dimensions, tolerances on dimensions and shape,
8 Inspection
8.1 General
8.2 Type of inspection and inspection document
8.3 Frequency of testing
8.3.1 Sampling
8.3.2 Test units
8.3.3 Verification of chemical composition
8.4 Tests to be carried out for specific inspection
9 Preparation of samples and test pieces
9.1 Selection and preparation of samples for chemical
9.2 Location and orientation of samples and test pieces
for mechanical tests
9.2.1 General
9.2.2 Preparation of samples
9.2.3 Preparation of test pieces
9.3 Identification of samples and test pieces
10 Test methods
10.1 Chemical analysis
10.2 Mechanical tests
10.2.1 Tensile tests
10.2.2 Impact tests
10.3 Ultrasonic testing
10.4 Retests
11 Marking, labelling, packaging
12 Complaints
13 Options
14 Evaluation of conformity
Annex A (normative) Location of samples and test pieces
Annex B (normative) Evaluation of conformity
B.1 General
B.2 Initial type testing by the manufacturer
B.2.1 General
B.2.2 Intensive routine testing
B.2.3 Supplementary testing
B.2.4 Documentation
B.3 Testing of samples taken at the factory by the
B.4 Factory production control (FPC)
B.4.1 General
B.4.2 Equipment
B.4.3 Raw materials
B.4.4 Product testing and evaluation
B.4.5 Non-conforming products
Annex C (informative) List of national standards which
correspond with EURONORMS referenced
Annex ZA (informative) Clauses of this European Standard
addressing the provisions of the EU
Construction Products Directive
ZA.1 Scope and relevant characteristics
ZA.2 Procedure(s) for the attestation of conformity of hot
rolled structural steel products
ZA.2.1 Systems of attestation of conformity
ZA.2.2 EC certificate and declaration of conformity
ZA.3 CE marking and labelling
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  859KB
Tile in English:  hot rolled products of structural steels - part 1: general technical delivery conditions

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