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EN 166-2001 Personal eye-protection - Specifications

Standard Number:  EN 166-2001
Title:  Personal eye-protection - Specifications
Language:  English
Replacing Standard:  EN 166-1996EN 166-1998

Publication Date:  2001/11/1
Adopted International Standard:  DIN EN 166 (2002-04), EQV*BS EN 166 (2002-01-28), IDT*NF S77-101 (2002-01-01), IDT*SN EN 166 (2001-11), EQV*OENORM EN 166 (2002-04-01), IDT
Status:  Current
Publisher:   European Standards(EN)
Number of Pages:

Description:Specifies functional requirements for various types of personal eye-protectors. Applies to all types of personal eye-protectors used against various hazards which are likely to damage the eye or impair vision, with the exception of X-rays, nuclear radiation, laser beams and low temperature infra-red (IR) radiation emitted by low temperature sources.  
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms and definitions
4 Classification
4.1 Function of eye-protectors
4.2 Types of eye-protectors
4.3 Types of ocular
5 Designation of filters
6 Design and manufacturing requirements
6.1 General Construction
6.2 Materials
6.3 Headbands
7 Basic, particular and optional requirements
7.1 Basic requirements
7.2 Particular requirements
7.3 Optional requirements
8 Allocation of requirements, test schedules and application
8.1 Requirements and test methods
8.2 Test schedules for type examination
8.3 Application of eye-protector types
9 Marking
9.1 General
9.2 Ocular marking
9.3 Frame marking
9.4 Marking of eye-protectors where the frame and ocular
form a single unit
10 Information supplied by the manufacturer
Annex ZA (informative) Clauses of this European Standard
addressing essential requirements or other
provisions of EU Directives  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  207KB
Tile in English:  Personal eye-protection - Specifications

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