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NF EN 50068-1992 Wrought steel enclosures for gas-filled high-voltage switchgear and controlgear.

Standard Number:  NF EN 50068-1992
Title:  Wrought steel enclosures for gas-filled high-voltage switchgear and controlgear.
Language:  French
Publication Date:  1992/10/1
Execute Date:  1992/10/1
Adopted International Standard:  DIN EN 50068 (1995-10) Identical
UNE EN 50068-1994 Identical
SS EN 50068-1991
Status:  Current
Publisher:   Francaise de Normalisation(NF)
Number of Pages:82  

Description:Applies to fusion welded wrought steel enclosures pressurized with dry air, inert gases, e.g. sulfur hexafluoride or nitrogen or a mixture of such gases, used in indoor or outdoor installations of high voltage switchgear and controlgear with rated voltages 72,5 kV and above, where the gas is used for its dielectric and/or arc quenching properties. Enclosures comprise parts of electrical equipment such as circuit breakers, switch disconnectors, earthing switches, current and voltage transformers, surge arrestors and bushbars and connections. Includes pressurized components such as centre chamber of live tank switchgear, gas insulated current transformers, etc.  
Catalog:0 Scope
1 Modulation characteristics of the data channel
(physical layer)
1.1 Subcarrier frequency
1.2 Subcarrier phase
1.3 Subcarrier level
1.4 Method of modulation
1.5 Clock-frequency and data-rate
1.6 Differential coding
1.7 Data-channel spectrum shaping
2 Baseband coding (data-link layer)
2.1 Baseband coding structure
2.2 Order of bit transmission
2.3 Error protection
2.4 Synchronization of blocks and groups
3 Message format (session and presentation
3.1 Addressing
3.1.1 Design principles
3.1.2 Principal features
3.1.3 Group types Type 0 groups: Basic tuning and switching
information Type 1 groups: Programme-item number and slow
labelling codes Type 2 groups: Radiotext Type 4A groups: Clock-time and date Type 5 groups: Transparent data channels Type 6 groups: In-house applications Type 7A groups: Radio paging Type 9A groups: Emergency warning system Type 14 groups: Enhanced Other Networks
information Type 15B groups: Fast basic tuning and
switching information
3.2 Coding of information
3.2.1 Coding of information for control Programme-identification (PI) codes and
Extended Country codes (ECC) Programme-type (PTY) codes Traffic-programme (TP) and traffic-
announcement (TA) codes Music/speech (M/S) switch code Decoder-identification (DI) codes Coding of Alternative frequencies (AFs) in
group 0A Programme-item number (PIN) codes Coding of Enhanced Other Networks
information (EON)
3.2.2 Coding of information for display
3.2.3 Coding of clock-time and date
3.2.4 Coding of information for transparent data
3.2.5 Coding of information for in-house
3.2.6 Coding of Radio paging (RP) Introduction Coding characteristics for paging Examples of the traffic handling capacity of
the specified RP system
3.2.7 Coding of Emergency warning system (EWS)
4 Glossary of terms of applications
4.1 Programme identification (PI)
4.2 Programme service (PS) name
4.3 Programme type (PTY)
4.4 Traffic-programme identification (TP)
4.5 List of Alternative frequencies
4.6 Traffic-announcement identification (TA)
4.7 Decoder identification (DI)
4.8 Music/speech switch (M/S)
4.9 Programme-item number (PIN)
4.10 Radiotext (RT)
4.11 Enhanced Other Networks information (EON)
4.12 Transparent data channel (TDC)
4.13 In-house application (IH)
4.14 Clock-time and date (CT)
4.15 Radio paging (RP)
4.16 Emergency warning systems (EWS)
4.17 Traffic Message Channel (TMC)
5 Marking
A Offset words to be used for group and block
B Theory and implementation of the modified
shortened cyclic code
C Implementation of group and block
synchronization using the modified shortened
cyclic code
D Programme identification codes and Extended
country codes
E Character definition for Program Service name,
Radiotext and Alphanumeric Radio paging
F Programme Type codes
G Conversion between time and date conventions
H Specification of the ARI system
J Index of abbreviations
K RDS logo
L Bibliography
National annex NA (informative) Committees responsible
National annex NB (informative) Cross-reference  
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File Size:  482KB
Tile in English:  Wrought steel enclosures for gas-filled high-voltage switchgear and controlgear.

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