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BS EN ISO 13849-2-2008 Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems - Validation

Standard Number:  BS EN ISO 13849-2-2008
Title:  Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems - Validation
Language:  English
Publication Date:  2008/8/29
Execute Date:  2008/8/29
Revocatory Date:  2012/10/31
Adopted International Standard:  EN ISO 13849-2-2008,IDT;ISO 13849-2-2003,IDT
Status:  withdrawn
International Classification for Standards (ICS)ENVIRONMENT. HEALTH PROTECTION. SAFETY>>Safety of machinery
Publisher:  British Standards
Number of Pages:62P;A4   

Preface:Equipment safety, Control systems, Control equipment, Safety devices, Safety measures, Control devices, Occupational safety, Design, Hazards, Warning devices, Verification, Approval testing  
Overview: What is BS EN ISO 13849-2:2008?BS EN ISO 13849-2 specifies the procedures and conditions that should be followed to validate equipment safety and the safety related parts of control systems. This is done through the analysis and testing of the safety functions provided, and using the design rationale of the designer. The standard doesn’t give complete validation requirements for programmable electronic systems, so the user might need to refer to other standards too.How does it work?BS EN ISO 13849-2 first looks at the validation process, covering the validation principles, generic fault lists, as well as validation plans and records. The standard then explains validation by analysis, testing and safety devices and measures. It also looks environmental and maintenance requirements. Who should read it?Suppliers of control systemsInspectorsQuality assessorsOccupational safety officersRegulatory bodiesWhy BSI?We are global, we’re independent and we’re a trusted service provider to 80,000 businesses. We operate in 147 countries and are the number one certification body in the UK and US. We created 85% of our portfolio because we know standards and we know your business. We’re leaders and we can make you one too.   You may also be interested in:Risk management of machinery and work equipmentJohn GloverDownload sample chapterRead more about machinery safety and risk  
Cross References:EN 292-1:1991; ISO/TR 12100:1992; EN 954-1:1996; ISO 13849-1:1999; EN 2922:1991; ISO/TR 12100-1:1992; EN 418; ISO 13850; EN 854; ISO 4079-1; CR 954-100; ISO 13849-100:2000; EN 982:1996; EN 983:1996; EN 1037:1995; ISO 14118:2000; EN 1050:1996; ISO 14121:1  
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File Size:  908KB
Tile in English:  Safety of machinery - Safety-related parts of control systems - Validation

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