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BS ISO 27996-2009 Aerospace fluid systems - Elastomer seals - Storage and shelf life

Standard Number:  BS ISO 27996-2009
Title:  Aerospace fluid systems - Elastomer seals - Storage and shelf life
Language:  English
Publication Date:  2009/3/31
Execute Date:  2009/3/31
Adopted International Standard:  ISO 27996-2009,IDT
Status:  Current
International Classification for Standards (ICS)AIRCRAFT AND SPACE VEHICLE ENGINEERING>>Aerospace fluid systems and components
Publisher:  British Standards
Number of Pages:18P;A4   

Preface:Aircraft components, Hydraulic equipment, Seals, Elastomers, Rubber, Storage, Life (durability), Environment (working), Packaging, Records (documents), Marking, Grades (quality)  
Overview: BS ISO 27996:2009 Aerospace fluid systems. Elastomer seals. Storage and shelf lifeBS ISO 27996 applies to the general requirements for data recording procedures, packaging, and storing of elastomeric seals and seal assemblies which include an elastomeric element prior to the seal being assembled into hardware components.The requirements for packaging are an integral part of the controlled storage procedure and provide a means of positive product identity from the time of manufacture to the time of assembly into a component.BS ISO 27996 does not establish limitations or storage times for assembled components nor the operating life of these components.The information contained in BS ISO 27996 is intended for use by those organizations that do not have specific requirements or recommendations already in place for the control of elastomeric seals and seal assemblies.BS ISO 27996 can be specified in control, storage and procurement documents. However, when the requirements of BS ISO 27996 are in conflict with the customer's requirements or specifications, the requirements of the customer's detailed specifications take precedence.Contents of BS ISO 27996:ScopeNormative referencesTerms and definitionsGeneralPackagingStorageRecording of data during storageDiscarding of sealsStorage periodIdentification statement  
Cross References:ISO 1629; ISO 5598; ISO 2230; ISO 16031-1; ISO 16031-2; AMS 2817; ARP5316; MIL-PRF-121G; MIL-PRF-131K  
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Tile in English:  Aerospace fluid systems - Elastomer seals - Storage and shelf life

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