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BS ISO 4309-2010 cranes wire ropes care and maintenance, inspection and discard

Standard Number:  BS ISO 4309-2010
Title:  cranes wire ropes care and maintenance, inspection and discard
Language:  English
Replacing Standard:  BS ISO 4309-2004+A1-2008

Publication Date:  2010/8/31
Execute Date:  2010/8/31
Adopted International Standard:  ISO 17893, ISO 4301-1, ISO 4306-1, ISO 4308-1, ISO 4308-2
Status:  Current
International Classification for Standards (ICS)MATERIALS HANDLING EQUIPMENT>>Lifting equipment>>Accessories for lifting equipment
Publisher:  British Standards
Number of Pages:64  

Preface:Cranes, Hoists, Wire ropes, Steel-wire ropes, Maintenance, Inspection, Visual inspection (testing), Rejects, Mechanical components, Ropes, Strands, Terminal fittings (ropes), Hoisting drums, Drums (materials handling equipment), Grooves, Selection, Cores (ropes), Sockets (ropes), Deterioration, Defects, Corrosion  
Overview: What is BS ISO 4309:2010?Since wire ropes on cranes are dispensable components, they should be replaced regularly. BS ISO 4309:2010 helps to indicate when steel-wire ropes have reached the point where further use would be unsafe. This standard also looks at practical guidance relating to storage, handling, installation and maintenance, as well as discard criteria for those running ropes which are subjected to multi-layer spooling. By following the principles set out within this standard, users can implement and maintain an adequate safety margin. How does it work?BS ISO 4309:2010 touches on care and maintenance, before looking at rope replacement and the offloading and storage of wire ropes. The standard then gives advice on ensuring the rope is in tip-top condition before the installation process begins. It also defines best-practice methods for running in the new rope, maintaining the rope and doing daily, periodic and post-incident inspections. Other topics include corrosion, deterioration, deformation and damage. Who should read it?Companies using cranesManufacturers of wire ropesSafety inspectorsSite managersQuality assessorsWhy BSI?We are global, we’re independent and we’re a trusted service provider to 80,000 businesses. We operate in 147 countries and are the number one certification body in the UK and US. We created 85% of our portfolio because we know standards and we know your business. We’re leaders and we can make you one too.  
Cross References:ISO 17893; ISO 4301-1; ISO 4306-1; ISO 4308-1; ISO 4308-2  
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Tile in English:  cranes wire ropes care and maintenance, inspection and discard

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