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NF EN ISO 8583-1995 financial transaction card originated messages. interchange message specifications.

Standard Number:  NF EN ISO 8583-1995
Title:  financial transaction card originated messages. interchange message specifications.
Language:  French
Revocatory Date:  2007/4/5
Adopted International Standard:  ISO 8583 Ed. 2 (1993) Identical
NEN EN ISO 8583-95 Identical
SS EN ISO 8583 Ed. 1 (19
Status:  Withdrawn
Publisher:   Francaise de Normalisation(NF)
Number of Pages:136  

Description:Specifies a common interface by which final transaction card originated messages may be interchanged between acquirers and card issuers. Specifies messages structure, format and content, data elements and values for data elements. Establishes procedures for a Maintenance Agency for codes used in this standard.  
1. Scope
2. Normative references
3. Definitions
4. Message structure
4.1 General
4.2 Bit maps
4.3 Data element directory
4.4 Requirements for data elements
5. Message transaction flows
5.1 General
5.2 Message flow diagrams
5.3 Transaction flow diagrams
6. Message and transaction matching
6.1 General
6.2 Message matching
6.3 Transaction matching
7. Maintenance Agency and Registration Authority
7.1 Maintenance of codes
7.2 ISO 8583 Institution identification codes
7.3 All other ISO 8583 codes
8. Guidance on the use of this International Standard
8.1 Additional message types
8.2 Additional data elements
8.3 Mandatory and conditional data elements
8.4 Unintentional introduction of control characters
1. Bit maps
2. Reconciliation example
1. Amounts in types of authorization messages
2. Amounts in types of financial transaction messages
3. Amounts in reversal messages
4. Financial transactions
5. Amounts in chargeback messages
6. Message type identifiers
7A. Bit maps (in numerical order)
7B. Bit maps (by message type)
8. Conditions used in table 7B
9. Data element directory
10. Usage of institution identification codes
11. Reconciliation calculation
A. Code listings
A.1 Action codes
A.2 Amount type codes
A.3 Authorization life cycle codes
A.4 Card acceptor business codes
A.4.1 Card acceptor business codes (numerically)
A.4.2 Card acceptor business codes (alphabetically)
A.5 Fee type codes
A.6 Function codes
A.7 Message reason codes
A.8 Point of service data code
A.9 Processing codes
B. Conversion guide
B.1 Introduction
B.2 Purpose
B.3 Differences between 1987 and 1993 editions of ISO 8583
B.3.1 General
B.3.2 Definitions
B.3.2.1 Additions
B.3.2.2 Changes
B.3.2.3 Deletions
B.3.3 Message structure
B.3.4 Message types
B.3.5 Data elements
B.3.5.1 Additions
B.3.5.2 Changes
B.3.5.3 Deletions
B.3.5.4 Action, function and message reason code mapping
B.3.5.5 Point of service data code mapping
B.3.6 Usage of data elements
B.3.7 Message flows
B.3.7.1 Authorization messages
B.3.7.2 Financial messages
B.3.7.3 File action messages
B.3.7.4 Reversal messages
B.3.7.5 Chargeback messages
B.3.7.6 Reconciliation messages
B.3.7.7 Administrative messages
B.3.7.8 Fee collection messages
B.3.7.9 Network management messages
B.3.7.10 Exception message flows
B.4 Further advice
B.4.1 Usage of amount data elements
B.4.1.1 General
B.4.1.2 Authorizations
B.4.1.3 Financial transactions
B.4.1.4 Reversals
B.4.1.5 Chargebacks
B.4.2 Reconciliation processing
B.4.2.1 General
B.4.2.2 Accumulation
B.4.3 Fee collection
B.4.4 Usage of fee amount data elements
B.1 Comparison of message classes
B.2 File update code (1987) mapped to function code (1993)
B.3 Network management information code (1987) mapped to
function code (1993)
B.4 Response code (1987) mapped to message reason code
and action code (1993)
B.5 Settlement code (1987) mapped to action code (1993)
B.6 Point of service PIN capture code (1987) mapped to
point of service data (1993)
B.7 Point of service condition code (1987) mapped to
point of service data (1993)
B.8 Point of service entry mode (1987) mapped to point
of service data (1993)
B.9 Data elements by message class
B.10 Reconciliation processing examples
C. Forms for application for institution identifiers
and codes  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  893KB
Tile in English:  financial transaction card originated messages. interchange message specifications.

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