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BS 3388-1973 specification for forks, shovels and spades

Standard Number:  BS 3388-1973
Title:  specification for forks, shovels and spades
Language:  English
Replaced by Standard:  BS 3388:2004

Replacing Standard:  71/33103 DC

Publication Date:  1973/6/11
Execute Date:  1973/6/11
Status:  Withdrawn
International Classification for Standards (ICS)MATERIALS HANDLING EQUIPMENT>>Equipment for manual handling
CCS Classification for Standardsmechanical>>Process equipment>>Hand tools
Publisher:  British Standards
Number of Pages:36P.;A4  

Description:Dimensions, materials, construction, finish, testing.  
1 Scope
2 Nomenclature
3 Types and dimensions
4 Materials
5 Heat treatment and hardness
6 Construction
7 Dimensions
8 Finish
9 Marking
10 Tests
1 Test load
2 Dimensions for garden fork
3 Dimensions for coke fork
4 Blade dimensions for round mouth forged shovel
5 Blade dimensions for round mouth open socket shovel
6 Blade dimensions for square mouth forged shovel
7 Blade dimensions for square mouth open socket shovel
8 Dimensions for garden spade
1 Nomenclature of forks
2 Nomenclature of shovels and spades
3 Garden fork
4 Trenching fork
5 Ballast fork 8 or 10 prong
6 Coke fork 10 or 12 prong
7 General service forged shovel
8 Round mouth forged shovel
9 Round mouth open socket shovel
10 Square mouth forged shovel
11 Square mouth taper blade forged shovel
12 Square mouth open socket shovel
13 Garden spade
14 Draining spade
15 Grafting spade
16 Trenching spade
17 Crutch Tee hilt
18 Barrel Tee hilt
19 Wooden Y-Dee hilt
20 Wooden Y-Dee hilt: metal capped
21 Metal Y-Dee hilt
22 Alternative type of metal Y-Dee hilt
23 Alternative type of metal Y-Dee hilt
24 Method of fixing crutch Tee hilt
25 Method of fixing barrel Tee hilt
26 Box Dee hilt
27 Typical bevel top sockets
28 Typical lip top socket
29 Typical square top socket
30 Typical Vee top socket
31 Types of special long handles
32 Strapped fork
33 Socketed fork
34 Square section prongs
35 Diamond section prongs
36 Strapped shovel or spade
37 Socketed shovel or spade
38 Open socket shovel
39 Cofered shovel or spade
40 Turned back tread
41 Turned forward tread
42 Folded tread
43 Riveted or welded tread
44 Method of testing forks, shovels and spades  
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File Size:  821KB
Tile in English:  specification for forks, shovels and spades

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