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BS AU 185-1983 specification for seat belt booster cushions

Standard Number:  BS AU 185-1983
Title:  specification for seat belt booster cushions
Language:  English
Replacing Standard:  82/73783 DC

Publication Date:  1983/1/31
Execute Date:  1983/1/31
Revocatory Date:  2002/11/15
Status:  Withdrawn
International Classification for Standards (ICS)
Publisher:  British Standards
Number of Pages:20P.;A4  

Description:Requirements for booster cushions for use with an approved adult lap or lap and diagonal seat belt or child safety harness by persons of small stature of mass 15 kg or more to improve the fit of the seat belt.  
Committees responsible
1. Scope
2. Definitions
3. Performance
4. Instructions and information
5. Marking
A. Dynamic test
B. Description of the test seat and anchorages
C. Reference seat belt
D. Description of manikin
E. Stopping device
F. Curve of deceleration of trolley as a function of
1. Characteristics of polyurethane foam filling
2. List of components of manikin
3. Mass of components
4. Principal dimensions of manikin
1. Dimensions of seat trolley
2. Position of anchorage points
3. Reference seat belt
4. Exploded view of manikin
5. Principle dimensions of manikin
6. Adjustment of neck cable
7. Adjustment of Atlas-Axis joint
8. Adjustment of hip joint
9. Adjustment of knee joint
10. Adjustment of shoulder joint
11. Adjustment of elbow joint
12. Adjustment of lumbar cable
13. Dimensions of frontal impact stopping device
14. Dimensions of frontal impact of olive-shaped knob
of stopping device
15. Curves of deceleration of trolley as a function of
time (curve for calibrating stopping device)  
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Tile in English:  specification for seat belt booster cushions

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