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BS EN ISO 9934-3-2002 Non-destructive testing - Magnetic particle testing - Equipment

Standard Number:  BS EN ISO 9934-3-2002
Title:  Non-destructive testing - Magnetic particle testing - Equipment
Language:  English
Publication Date:  2002/7/30
Execute Date:  2002/7/30
Adopted International Standard:  EN ISO 9934-3-2002,IDT;ISO 9934-3-2002,IDT
Status:  Current
International Classification for Standards (ICS)TESTING>>Non-destructive testing
Publisher:  British Standards
Number of Pages:20P.;A4   

Preface:Non-destructive testing, Magnetic-particle flaw detection, Flaw detection, Magnetic materials, Safety measures, Test equipment, Transportable, Fixed, Magnetization, Demagnetization, Illuminance, Meters, Monitors, Measurement, Calibration  
Overview: Non-destructive testing - Magnetic particle testing - Part 3: EquipmentExecutive summaryRequirements for equipment for magnetic particle testing.AbstractThis International Standard describes three types of equipment for magnetic particle testing:- portable or transportable equipment;- fixed installations;- specialized testing systems for testing components on a continuous basis; comprising a series of processing stations placed in sequence to form a process line.Equipment for magnetizing, demagnetizing, illumination, metering and monitoring are also described.This standard specifies the properties to be provided by the equipment supplier, minimum requirements for application and the method of measuring certain parameters. Where appropriate, measuring and calibration requirements and in service checks are also specified.History and related standardsThis International Standard includes the following cross references:EN 10084, EN ISO 3059:2001, EN ISO 9934-1:2001, EN 60529.  
Cross References:EN 473, EN 1330-1, EN 1330-2, prEN ISO 9934-2-2001, prEN ISO 12707-2000, EN 10084, EN ISO 3059-2001, ISO 3059-2001, EN ISO 9934-1-2001, ISO 9934-1-2001, EN 60529, IEC 60529-1989  
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File Size:  288KB
Tile in English:  Non-destructive testing - Magnetic particle testing - Equipment

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