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GB/T 19228.3-2012 stainless steel press-fitting assemblies - part 3:rubber o-rings

Standard Number:  GB/T 19228.3-2012
Title:  stainless steel press-fitting assemblies - part 3:rubber o-rings
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Replacing Standard:  GB/T 19228.3-2003

Publication Date:  2012/9/3
Execute Date:  2013/3/1
Status:  Current
CCS Classification for Standardsmechanical>>Gm parts>>Pipeline fittings
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:12  

Preface: GB/T19228 the viega profi-press pipe fittings stainless steel component consists of the following three parts: -- part 1: the viega profi-press pipe fittings; - part 2: connection with thin-walled stainless steel tube; - part 3: O shaped rubber sealing ring. This part is the part 3 GB/T19228. This section according to GB / T1.1-2009 given rules drawn up. This section instead of GB/T19228.3-2003 stainless steel viega profi-press pipe with a rubber O ring ", compared with the original standard, the main changes are as follows: --, changed the name of the standard; - increased DN10 and DN60 viega profi-press pipe fittings with dense The size of the sealing ring; - increases the s-shaped viega profi-press pipe with the size of the sealing ring; - added is suitable for drinking water, gas, fuel and general petroleum medium such as rubber ring of the silicone rubber and nitrile rubber materials and physical properties; --, delete the original standard table 3 "and the physical properties of the sealing ring," directly related references The physical properties of the sealing parts specified in the national standard requirements; --, modify the chapter 5 the content of the "test and inspection". This part put forward by China machinery industry federation. This part of the national pipeline fittings standardization technical committee (SAC/TC237) under centralized. This section main drafting unit: wuxi golden sheep eye pipe fittings co., LTD., Machine productivity promotion center, in the northwest rubber plastic tube research and design institute, shenzhen ya chang industry co., LTD., is China architecture design and research institute, zhejiang kang industrial co., LTD., guangzhou meiya co., LTD., ningbo f rand LTD. Co., LTD., zhejiang gerui pipe co., LTD. This part of the main draftsmen: xue-feng yuan, jun-ying li, Gao Jingru, Chen weidong, lithium, Huang Jiancong, MouHaiFeng zhao, YanGuoBiao, WuWei, smad, appleseeker. This section instead of the standard all previous releases as: GB/T19228.3-2003.   
Description:The provisions of this part of GB/T19228 viega profi-press pipe fittings used O shaped rubber seal type and size series, requirements, test and inspection, inspection rule, marks, packaging and shipping.
this section applies to the specified in GB/T19228.1 viega profi-press stainless steel pipe fittings with o-ring, other pipe sealing ring can be reference to adopt.  
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Tile in English:  stainless steel press-fitting assemblies - part 3:rubber o-rings

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