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ASTM D2369-2010 standard test method for volatile content of coatings

Standard Number:  ASTM D2369-2010
Title:  standard test method for volatile content of coatings
Language:  English
Replaced by Standard:  ASTM D2369-10e1

Publication Date:  2010/7/1
Execute Date:  2010/7/1
Status:  Withdrawn
International Classification for Standards (ICS)PAINT AND COLOUR INDUSTRIES>>Paints and varnishes
CCS Classification for Standardschemical>>Coatings, paints, dyes>>coating
Publisher:  American Society for Testing Material (ASTM)
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This test method is the procedure of choice for determining volatiles in coatings for the purpose of calculating the volatile organic content in coatings under specified test conditions. The weight percent solids content (nonvolatile matter) may be determined by difference. This information is useful to the paint producer and user and to environmental interests for determining the volatiles emitted by coatings.

1.1 This test method describes a procedure for the determination of the weight percent volatile content of solventborne and waterborne coatings. Test specimens are heated at 110 x00B1; 5x00B0;C for 60 min.

Note 18212;The coatings used in these round-robin studies represented air-dried, air-dried oxidizing, heat-cured baking systems, and also included multicomponent paint systems.

1.2 Sixty minutes at 110 x00B1; 5x00B0;C is a general purpose test method based on the precision obtained with both solventborne and waterborne coatings (see Section 9).

1.3 This test method is viable for coatings wherein one or more parts may, at ambient conditions, contain liquid coreactants that are volatile until a chemical reaction has occurred with another component of the multi-package system.

Note 28212;Committee D01 has run round-robin studies on volatiles of multicomponent paint systems. The only change in procedure is to premix the weighed components in the correct proportions and allow the specimens to stand at room temperature for 1 h prior to placing them into the oven.

Cross References:ASTM D3960;ASTM D5095;ASTM D5403;ASTM D6419;ASTM E145;ASTM E180;EPA Reference Method24;ASTM D1193;ASTM D3925  
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Tile in English:  standard test method for volatile content of coatings

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