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ASTM D4029/D4029M-2010 standard specification for finished woven glass fabrics

Standard Number:  ASTM D4029/D4029M-2010
Title:  standard specification for finished woven glass fabrics
Language:  English
Publication Date:  2010/1/1
Execute Date:  2010/1/1
Status:  Current
CCS Classification for StandardsBuilding materials>>Ceramics, glass>>The glass fiber
Publisher:  American Society for Testing Material (ASTM)
Number of Pages:16  


1.1 This specification covers finished fabrics woven from x201C;Ex201D; electrical glass fiber yarns that are intended as a reinforcing material in laminated plastics for structural use. This specification can also be applied to fabrics made of other glass types as agreed upon between the purchaser and the supplier.

1.2 This specification specifies the terminology, definitions, general requirements, and physical requirements for finished woven glass fabrics This specification permits the application of sizing materials to the glass fiber yarn during manufacture that helps facilitate weaving. These organic materials are typically removed from the greige fabric and replaced with a finish that is compatible with the resin matrix specified in the contracting document

Note 18212;Sizing materials on glass fiber yarns, in most cases, are removed by various cleaning procedures as a first stage in preparing a finished fabric. When these yarn sizing materials are removed during a cleaning procedure they need not be compatible with the subsequent resin matrix.

1.3 The values stated in either SI units or inch-pound units are to be regarded separately as standard. The values stated in each system may not be exact equivalents; therefore, each system shall be used independently of the other. Combining values from the two systems may result in non-conformance with the standard.

1.4 This specification is one of a series to provide a substitute for Military Specifications: MIL-Y-1140 Yarn, Cord, Sleeving, Cloth, and Tape-Glass; and MIL-C-9084 Cloth, Glass Finished for Resin Laminates.

1.5 Additional ASTM specifications in this series have been drafted and appear in current editions of the Annual Book of ASTM Standards. These include greige glass fabrics, glass tapes, glass sleevings, glass cords, glass sewing threads, and finished laminates made from finished glass fabrics.

1.6 This standard does not purport to address all of the safety concerns, if any, associated with its use. It is the responsibility of the user of this standard to establish appropriate safety and health practices and determine the applicability of regulatory limitations prior to use.  

Cross References:C.O.3—Standard;ASTM D86;ASTM D370;ASTM E1;ASTM E133;ASTM E220;ASTM D123;ASTM D578;ASTM D1059;ASTM D1423;ASTM D1776;ASTM D1777;ASTM D2408;ASTM D2409;ASTM D2410;ASTM D2660;ASTM D3098;ASTM D3773;ASTM D3774;ASTM D3775;ASTM D3776;ASTM D4963;ASTM D5035;ASTM D7018;ANSI/ASQC Z1.4;MIL-C-9084C;Woven Cloth Construction  
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Tile in English:  standard specification for finished woven glass fabrics

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