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BS EN 13480-3-2012 metal industrial piping part 3: design and calculation

Standard Number:  BS EN 13480-3-2012
Title:  metal industrial piping part 3: design and calculation
Language:  English
Replaced by Standard:  BS EN 13480-3-2017

Replacing Standard:  BS EN 13480-3-2002+A4-2010

Publication Date:  2012/8/31
Execute Date:  2012/8/31
Adopted International Standard:  EN 287-1:2004/A2:2006, EN 1515-2:2001, EN 1515-3:2005, EN 1515-4:2010, 97/23/EC EN 1591-1:2001/A1:2009/Corrigendum:2011, EN 1591-2:2008, EN 1993, EN 10204:2004, EN 12953-3:2002, EN 13445-3:2009, EN 13480-1:2012, EN 13480-2:2012, EN 13480-4:2012, EN 13480-5:2012, EN ISO 15614-1:2004, ISO 15614-1:2004, EN ISO 5817:2007, ISO 5817:2003/Technical Corrigendum 1:2006, EN 764-2, EN 1514, EN 12560, EN 12952-3, EN 13555, EN 14917, ISO 15348, BS 903, BS 3059-2, PD 5500
Status:  Current
CCS Classification for Standardsmechanical>>Gm parts>>Pipeline fittings
Publisher:  British Standards
Number of Pages:414  

Preface:Pipework systems, Industrial pipework systems, Pipes, Fluid equipment, Metals, Design calculations, Design, Mathematical calculations, Pipe supports  
Cross References:EN 287-1-2004/A2-2006, EN 1515-2-2001, EN 1515-3-2005, EN 1515-4-2010, 97/23/EC EN 1591-1-2001/A1-2009/Corrigendum-2011, EN 1591-2-2008, EN 1993, EN 10204-2004, EN 12953-3-2002, EN 13445-3-2009, EN 13480-1-2012, EN 13480-2-2012, EN 13480-4-2012, EN 13480-5-2012, EN ISO 15614-1-2004, ISO 15614-1-2004, EN ISO 5817-2007, ISO 5817-2003/Technical Corrigendum 1-2006, EN 764-2, EN 1514, EN 12560, EN 12952-3, EN 13555, EN 14917, ISO 15348, BS 903, BS 3059-2, PD 5500  
1 Scope
2 Normative references
3 Terms, definitions, symbols and units
4 Basic design criteria
5 Design stresses
6 Design of piping components under
internal pressure
7 Design of ends under internal pressure
8 Openings and branch connections
9 Design of piping components under
external pressure
10 Design for cyclic loading
11 Integral attachments
12 Flexibility analysis and acceptance criteria
13 Supports
Annex A (informative) - Dynamic analysis
Annex B (normative) - More accurate calculation
of bends and elbows
Annex C (informative) - Expansion joints
Annex D (normative) - Flanges
Annex E (normative) - Design of branch connections
in piping accessories
Annex F (informative) - Testing during operation
in the case of cyclic loading
Annex G (informative) - Physical properties of steels
Annex H (normative) - Flexibility characteristics, flexibility
and stress intensification factors and section modules
of piping components and geometrical discontinuities
Annex I (informative) - Production testing of spring
supports and shock arrestors (shock absorbers)
Annex J (normative) - Type testing of support components
Annex K (informative) - Attachment of supports to structures
Annex L (informative) - Buckling of linear type supports
Annex M (informative) - Design guidance for structural components
Annex N (normative) - Documentation of supports
Annex O (normative) - Alternative method for checking
branch connections
Annex P (informative) - Bolted flange connections - Application
of EN 1591
Annex Q (informative) - Simplified pipe stress analysis
Annex Y (informative) - History of EN 13480-3
Annex ZA (informative) - Relationship between this
European Standard and the essential
requirements of EU Directive 97/23/EC
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File Size:  396KB
Tile in English:  metal industrial piping part 3: design and calculation

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