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GB 14880-2012  

Standard Number:  GB 14880-2012
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Replacing Standard:  GB 14880-1994

Publication Date:  2012/3/15
Execute Date:  2013/1/1
Status:  Current
International Classification for Standards (ICS)FOOD TECHNOLOGY>>food products in general
CCS Classification for Standardsfood>>Food comprehensive>>Health, safety and labor protection
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:32  

Preface: Instead of this standard GB 14880-14880 "food nutrition fortifier use of health standard". Compared this standard with GB 14880-14880, the main changes are as follows: - standard name changed to the national food safety standards Food nutrition fortifier using standard "; 1997-2 - increases the health ministry 012 announcement and 1 GB 2760-012 appendix B nutrition enhancer in the relevant provisions; - added terms and definitions; - increased nutrition strengthening the main item, use the agent can choose food category: sum; - on the basis of risk assessment, in combination with the food category (name) of this international standard, adjustment and consolidation The use of part of nutrition fortifier variety, scope of use and usage, deleted some inappropriate to strengthen food category; - source list are allowed to use the nutrition fortifier compounds; Can be used for special dietary compounds in food nutrition fortifier source list and part into range - increases the amount of food category (name) said Ming; - deletes the original standard in appendix A "hygiene standards of using food nutrition fortifier implementation details". - health food nutrition fortifier in use and the use of iodine in table salt, administer in accordance with the relevant national standards or regulations.   
Description:This standard specifies the main purpose of food nutrition reinforcement, the use of nutrition fortifier demands, can strengthen the food choice and the use of nutrition enhancer.
this standard applies to the use of food nutrition fortifier. National laws, regulations, and (or) unless it is otherwise provided for by the standard.  
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