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GB/T 12311-2012 sensory analysis method—triangle test

Standard Number:  GB/T 12311-2012
Title:  sensory analysis method—triangle test
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Replacing Standard:  GB/T 12311-1990

Publication Date:  2012/6/29
Execute Date:  2012/11/1
Status:  Current
International Classification for Standards (ICS)FOOD TECHNOLOGY>>Sensory analysis
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:20  

Description:This standard specifies to determine whether there is between two sample of the product can feel the difference of sensory or similar method. The standard method for the forced choice program.
this standard applies to one or more sensory index of the judgement of whether there is a difference.
when this standard is applicable to different properties has not yet been determined (i.e. the difference is not determined by difference between sample size and scope, also did not represent any characteristics of the difference between the display). This standard applies only to completely same sample Product.
this standard applies to the following situation: sure

A) -- produce appreciable difference (three different test);
- did not generate appreciable difference (three similar test). For example: when the ingredients, process, packaging, transport or storage has a change.
B) selection, training and testing evaluation member
this standard than 2-3 test in statistics (by GB/T1 7321) are more effective, but limited to finish strong and (or) taste lasting products.  
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Tile in English:  sensory analysis method—triangle test

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