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GB/T 18916.3-2012 norm of water intake—part 3:petroleum refining

Standard Number:  GB/T 18916.3-2012
Title:  norm of water intake—part 3:petroleum refining
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Replacing Standard:  GB/T 18916.3-2002

Publication Date:  2012/6/29
Execute Date:  2013/1/1
Status:  Current
International Classification for Standards (ICS)ENVIRONMENT. HEALTH PROTECTION. SAFETY>>Water quality>>Water for industrial use
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:  

Preface: GB/T18916 water quota, has formulated some: - part 1: thermal power; - part 2: integrated iron and steel enterprise; - part 3: oil refining; - part 4: textile dyeing and finishing products; - part 5: paper products; - part 6: beer Wine manufacturing; - part 7: alcohol manufacturing; - part 8: synthetic ammonia; - part 9: monosodium glutamate manufacturing; - part 10: pharmaceutical products; - part 11: coal preparation; - part 12: alumina production. - part 13: ethylene production. This part is divided into G B/T18916 part 3. This section according to GB/T1.1-2009 gives the rules of the draft. This part according to the GB/T18820 "industrial enterprise products for water quota formulation of general principles of the principles stipulated in the making. This section instead of GB/T18916.3-2002 "water quota 3 Part: oil refining. This part compared with GB/T18916.3-2002, the main changes are as follows: --, modified the normative reference files; --, modify, and delete the related terms; - the water quota changed the oil refining, -- on the original standard instructions for chapter 6 quota Modification. This part by the national development and reform commission and ministry of water resources is put forward. This part of the national standardization technical committee (SAC/TC442) of water-saving in industry to review. This part of the drafting unit: China petrochemical engineering construction company, China standardization institute, China national petroleum refining and chemical branch company. This part of the main draftsmen: tension, Han Zuobin, Snow White, zhang yong, jian-li liu, Yang Li, xiu-ying liang. All previous releases of this section is: -- - GB/T18916.3-2002.   
Description:The provisions of this part of GB/T18916 oil refining terms and definitions and calculation methods of water quota and take water quota, etc.
this section applies to existing and new petroleum refining enterprises in water management.  
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Tile in English:  norm of water intake—part 3:petroleum refining

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