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GB/T 23331-2012 energy management systems—requirements

Standard Number:  GB/T 23331-2012
Title:  energy management systems—requirements
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Replacing Standard:  GB/T 23331-2009

Publication Date:  2012/12/31
Execute Date:  2013/10/1
Status:  Current
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:28  

Preface: Equivalent to this standard USES the international standard ISO50001:2011 "energy management system and operation guide. This standard according to GB/T1.1-2009 gives the rules of the draft. This standard instead of GB/T23331-2009, compared with GB/T23331-2009 as main changes : --, increase the "boundary" (see 3.1), the "continuous improvement" (see 3.2), the "correct" (see 3.3), "corrective measures" (see 3.4), "the energy" (see 3.7), "energy management team" (see 3.10), "" energy performance parameters (see 3.13)," energy review "(see 3 . 15), "energy services" (see 3.16), "energy" (see 3.18), "the parties" (see 3.19), "internal review" (see 3.20), "is not in conformity with the" (see 3.21), "the group" (see 3.22), "precautionary measures" (see 3.23), the "program" (see 3.24) , "record" (see 3.25), the "scope" (see 3.26), the main energy use (see 3.27) and "top management" (see 3.28), and other terms. --, modified the "energy" (see 3.5), "energy benchmark" (see 3.6), and the definition of "energy performance" (see 3.12). -- - changes the "general requirements" (see 4.1), "management responsibilities" (see 4.2), "energy policy" (see 4.3), the "plot" (see 4.4), "the implementation and operation" (see 4.5), "check" (see 4.6), "management review" (see 4.7) and so on various parts of the specific requirements; - delete The "energy" and the term "energy management standard". This standard in the "energy", "energy use", "energy" and other terms and used to define there is a difference in the field of energy in our country, this term applies only to the implementation of the energy management system, application process, to ensure consistent with ISO50001 coordination. This standard also do The following editorial changes: - deletes the reference document for part of the source term of notation; - remove part of the notation has nothing to do with the application situation in our country; -- in appendix B, amend the ISO standards for equivalent conversion of national standards and the comparison. This standard by the national development and reform commission, the national standardization The management committee. This standard by the national energy base and management standardization technical committee (SAC/TC20) under centralized. This standard drafting unit: China academy of standardization, certificated fangyuan group, dezhou energy monitoring center, China's conformity assessment center, baoshan iron and steel group, the country China electric power enterprise Will be standardized management center, the China building materials inspection certification group co., LTD. Main drafter of this standard: Wang Geng, Li Aixian, Li Tienan, shi-yan wang, Zhu Chunyan, li yan, wong, xiu-ying liang, Ren Xiang expensive, qi-lin GUI, de-sheng Yang, li yan, li-bo liu, Zhou Lu, 2) Zhou Xiangmei, Zhang Di, Shi Xinyong. This standard in 2009 First published in March, and the revision for the first time. 1) conformity assessment of China national center for approval. 2) China institute of standardization.  
Description:This standard specifies the organization to establish, implement, maintain and improve the energy management system, to enable organizations to adopt the system of party to achieve energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy use and consumption situation of continuous improvement.
this standard specifies the requirements of the relevant energy use and consumption, including measurement, documents and reports, equipment, system, process design and procurement, as well as the personnel have an impact on energy performance.
this standard About have an impact on energy performance, and can be organization to monitor and influence all of the variables. But not this standard of specific energy performance requirements.
this standard can be used alone, also can be used with other management system integration.
this standard is applicable to any ego states energy policy and wants to ensure implementation and show its conform to the degree of organization, and its conformity by self evaluation, self statement or external energy management system certification to confirm.  
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Tile in English:  energy management systems—requirements

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