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PAS 132-2007 Terminology for thebio-nano interface

Standard Number:  PAS 132-2007
Title:  Terminology for thebio-nano interface
Language:  English
Publication Date:  2007/12/1
Execute Date:  2007/12/31
Status:  Current
Publisher:  Other Standards
Number of Pages:18P.;A4   

Description:This Publicly Available Specification (PAS) lists terms and definitions used in or associated with the naming or describing of applications of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials to or at the bio-nano interface. It is applicable to, though is not limited to, the use of nanotechnologies in diagnostic devices, including bio-nano diagnostic systems, quantum dots and other nano-bio-markers for the identification and/or tracing of biological entities, and in vitro and in vivo interactions of nanomaterials with biological systems. It is intended for use by technologists, manufacturers, regulators, non-government organizations (NGOs), consumer organizations, members of the public and others with an interest in the application or use of nanotechnologies in the subject area.  
Cross References:PAS 71-2005; PAS 130; PD 6699-1; PD 6699-2; ISO/TS 27687; ASTM F2314-04; ASTM F2603-06  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  829KB
Tile in English:  Terminology for thebio-nano interface

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