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ANSI/UL 136-2009 Standard for Safety for Pressure Cookers

Standard Number:  ANSI/UL 136-2009
Title:  Standard for Safety for Pressure Cookers
Language:  English
Publisher:  American Nuclear Society Specificatioin
Number of Pages:  

Description:Clarify Reqts Covered or Not Covered in UL 136; Clarify Fire, Electric Shock and Cover Removal Reqts and Revise Load Test Methods; Clarify Non-Evaluations of Removable and Replaceable Parts; Delete Clogging Reference, and Revise Weight-loaded Type Valve Reqts; Revise Reqts for Pressure-Indicating Devices and Pressure Cooker Testing; Clarification of Abnormal Heat Supply, and the Maximum Operating Pressure for Testing; Delete Duplicate Requirement; Clarify Body Height Test Requirement; Clarify Burner Test Reqts; Clarify Cover Removal Reqts; Clarify Pressure Cooker Test Reqts; Clarify Supplementary Means Test Requirement; and Clarify Corrosion Resistance Reqts  
File Format:  PDF(Acrobat Reader) or Word version doc Document
File Size:  207KB
Tile in English:  Standard for Safety for Pressure Cookers

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