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HJ/T 351-2007 technical requirement for environmental labeling products eco - housing

Standard Number:  HJ/T 351-2007
Title:  technical requirement for environmental labeling products eco - housing
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2007/7/23
Execute Date:  2007/11/1
International Classification for Standards (ICS)ENVIRONMENT. HEALTH PROTECTION. SAFETY>>Environmental protection
Publisher:   Environmental Protection Standards
Number of Pages:28  

Preface: To carry out the environmental protection law of the People's Republic of China, ensure residential (residential) to save energy and resources, reducing environment load, improve the level of overall ecological residential (settlements) construction in our country, promote the sustainable development of housing industry, these standards are formulated. This standard reference to the Chinese ecological residential assessment handbook (2003 edition) ", "green Olympic building assessment system "and the United States green building council of the green building assessment system (LEED - NC2.1 version)" in the ecological technology assessment system of our country housing (settlements) in environmental planning, energy saving and energy use of the field, indoor environment quality, residential water environment, and materials and resources in five aspects of residential (residential) The life cycle of each link specific requirements are put forward. This standard is published for the first time. As the guidance, this standard applies to the Chinese environment mark product certification. This standard by the state administration of environmental protection science and technology company is put forward. This standard main drafting unit: state environmental protection administration environment, the all-china federation of real estate development center Chamber of commerce, school of architecture, tsinghua university, Beijing tian hong round Fang Jianzhu design co., LTD., China architectural scientific research institute of physics and institute of Beijing university of technology construction. This standard state environmental protection administration approved on July 23, 2007. Since November 1, 2007 the implementation of this standard. This standard by the national environment Protection administration.  
Description:This standard according to the planning and design and test for two phase defines the basic requirements of ecological residential (settlements), technical content and testing method.
This standard applies to new and renovation of residential (settlements), can be divided into the planning and design stage and acceptance stage by two stages.  
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Tile in English:  technical requirement for environmental labeling products eco - housing

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