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WS 363.2-2011 health data element dictionary—part 2:identification

Standard Number:  WS 363.2-2011
Title:  health data element dictionary—part 2:identification
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2011/8/2
Execute Date:  2012/2/1
International Classification for Standards (ICS)HEALTH CARE TECHNOLOGY>>Medical Sciences and health care facilities in general
Publisher:  Hygienic Standards
Number of Pages:  

Preface: WS363 17, the catalog of health information data elements are divided into the following parts: - part 1: general provisions; - part 2: identity; - part 3: demographic and socioeconomic characteristics; - part 4: health history; - part 5: health risk factors; - part 6: the chief complaint And symptoms; - part 7: physical examination; - part 8: clinical auxiliary examination; - part 9: laboratory examination; - part 10: medical diagnosis; - part 11: medical assessment; - part 12: planning and intervention; - part 13: health expenses; - part 14: health institutions; - part 15: health personnel; - part 16: medicines and chemical reagents, equipment and materials; - section 17: health management. This part is divided into WS363 part 2. This part of the professional committee put forward by the ministry of health health information standards. This part mainly to draft Unit: the ministry of health statistics information center, the Chinese people's liberation army general hospital, zhejiang digital medical and health institute of technology. This part of the main draftsmen: Meng Qun, Liu Lihua, lan-juan li, this superb drama into, cyanine cyanine, wang yu.   
Description:WS 363 the provisions of this part of the health information identified in class data yuan yuan identifier, data names, data definitions, data formats and data types, said yuan value of the yuan value content data. Data yuan directory includes identifying information related data.
This part is suitable for our country health related information data identification information exchange and sharing.  
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Tile in English:  health data element dictionary—part 2:identification

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