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GB/T 8012-2013 Casting tin-lead solders

Standard Number:  GB/T 8012-2013
Title:  Casting tin-lead solders
Language:  Simplified Chinese
Publication Date:  2013/12/17
Execute Date:  2014/9/1
International Classification for Standards (ICS)MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING>>Welding, brazing and soldering>>Brazing and soldering
Publisher:  Chinese Standards(GB)
Number of Pages:11  

Preface: This standard according to GB/T1.1-2009 gives the rules of the draft. Instead of this standard GB/T8012-2000 casting tin-lead solder. Compared this standard with GB/T8012-2000, the main technical content changes as follows: -- brand from 40 to 37. Class A increase code is 15 A, 5 A two grades. Class B delete code-named 35 B, 30 B, 25 B, 20 B 4 grades. Silver solder delete code 63 ag, 50, 60 ag ag three brands, increase code-named AG1.5, AG2.5 2 grades; - chemical composition made some modification. Code 63 AA bismuth content by 0.005% or less of the impurity elements is modified to 0.008% or less; Class A, code-named 63 A 55 A, 50, 60, A, A, silver solder and bismuth in solders to complete A phosphorous content of 0.01% or less modification for 0.020% or less, codenamed hf-solvated AG2 of silver content in silver solder by 1% ~ 4% ( Specific content is decided by both parties of supply and demand) is modified to 1.80% ~ 2.20%; --, delete the original standard "besides SB, BI, CU, impurities total is not more than 0.08%"; - delete in the required physical properties; --, increasing the production of the product sampling requirements; - delete the article Heavy, 250 + 25 g ". This standard reference to the American ASTM B32-2008 ISO9453 flux metal standards, international standards - 2006 "soft solder alloy chemical composition and shape" and Japan standard JISZ3282-2006 "soft solder chemical composition and shape" . Every brand the impurities limited strictly to brand the impurities in the above standard. Casting tin-lead solder physical properties of reference appendix A, compared with ASTMB32-2008 brands in annex B. This standard by the national nonferrous metals standardization technical committee (SAC/TC243) under centralized. Responsible for the drafting of this standard Unit: yunnan tin group co., LTD. In this standard drafting unit: guangxi China tin group co., LTD., yunnan tin tin material co., LTD. Main drafter of this standard: the White House is strong, soup, Li Zhigong, , Liu Baoquan, tany, Chen yun, jun-feng zhao. This standard replaced the standard for all previous releases : ———GB/T8012—2000;GB/T 8012-1987 casting tin-lead solders  
Description:The requirements of this international standard specifies casting tin lead solder, test methods, inspection rule, mark, packing, transportation, storage and quality certificate as well as the contents of the contract (or purchase order).
this standard applies to wet, fire refining production of casting tin-lead solder.  
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Tile in English:  Casting tin-lead solders

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